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We understand that things are tough for individuals and businesses given the current situation. Here’s how we are helping.
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Dear Valued Customer,

The Financial Management and Resilience Programme (URUS) is a payment relief assistance programme for the B50 customer segment1 who:

  • Has an existing payment relief assistance package (e.g. Payment Relief Assistance, PEMERKASA Plus, PEMULIH, bank’s own rescheduling and restructuring, etc.) as of 30 September 2021
  • Has a gross household income of RM5,880 or less per month
  • Experienced either loss of employment or reduction of income of at least 50%
  • Has a performing loan/financing that is not in arrears exceeding 90 days as of the date of the URUS application

Under the URUS package, customers may opt for:

  • 3-month interest/profit waiver OR
  • 3-month interest/profit waiver and reduced instalments for up to 24 months

Please note the Bank will review your URUS application before forwarding it to AKPK for further action. AKPK or the Bank will contact you via email within 10 working days.

The Bank will contact you only on hire purchase loan/financing matters.

The application for URUS is open from 15 November 2021 until 31 January 2022. Please note that all loan/financing accounts under URUS will be identified as such in your Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) credit report.



Please refer to the media statement by The Association of Banks Malaysia for further details.


1 Customers with gross household income of RM5,880 or lower, based on the definition by the Department of Statistics of Malaysia (DOSM). Evidence of household income will be required for customers who are not registered recipients of Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH) or Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR).

We continue to provide these payment relief options to help ease your financial commitments:

For Individuals

You may find out more or select a 6-month loan/financing moratorium or 50% reduction of instalments for six months by clicking any one of the buttons below.

For Businesses
Click the button to select a 6-month loan financing moratorium or 50% reduction of instalments for six months.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Payment Relief Assistance (“PRA”) packages? Check out our FAQs here.

Making financial decisions during Covid-19 can be challenging. This guide by the Financial Education Network can assist you in making an informed decision following the recent moratorium announcement.
Membuat keputusan semasa pandemik Covid-19 memang agak mencabar. Panduan Financial Education Network ini dapat membantu anda membuat keputusan bijak berikutan pengumuman moratorium baru-baru ini.

For Individuals

Call our Customer Service at 03-5516 9988 for assistance.


For Corporate & Commercial

Please contact your relationship manager to request for a moratorium.

For SMEs

For assistance on business banking matters, call us on our Business Banking Hotline at 1-300-80-3388.

Need more financing?

Enhanced Financing Facilities for SMEs
Bank Negara Malaysia has several measures to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including micro-SMEs, from different economic sectors sustain during the pandemic.

For more information on these initiatives, please click here.

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  4. Call our Contact Centre at 03-5516 9988
  5. Call our Business Banking line at 1-300-80-3388
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