Ways to Reduce your Housing Loan/Financing

Alternatif untuk meringankan Pinjaman/Pembiayaan Perumahan anda

Feeling overwhelmed serving your monthly housing instalment? Consider reducing your financial burdens with the withdrawal of your Employees Provident Fund (EPF)


Visit the EPF portal for more details.

EPF Withdrawal Eligibility Requirements for Housing Loan/Financing

  • Malaysians & non-Malaysians (with PR status or registered as EPF Member)
  • Below 55 years of age upon application
  • At least RM600 in Account 2
  • Bought/built a residential house
  • Have an outstanding housing loan/financing with an EPF approved loan/financing providers recognised by the EPF
  • Started paying monthly loan/financing instalments
For latest updates, visit the guide for EPF Withdrawal .

Kindly be informed that the bank will charge you RM50 for requesting an EPF withdrawal statement.

EPF Withdrawal Registration Guide

Withdraw via i-Akaun
Login to i-akaun KWSP in EPF portal.
Click on the “Withdrawal” tab. From the “e-Pengeluaran” page, start a new application.
Select the options as below:
Withdrawal Type: Housing Loan Monthly Instalment
Institution Type : Financial
Institution Name : Alliance Bank
Fill up the necessary information accordingly and submit.
Upon completion, visit the EPF branch for thumbprint authentication.

Manual Withdrawal You may apply using manual withdrawal with the following steps:
Fill up the withdrawal application form here.
Request EPF withdrawal statement by calling contact centre or visiting any of the bank branch. Document may be collected at the bank branch or via mail.
Visit the nearest EPF branch to submit form application.


EPF Communication Channels


EPF Contact Info:

EPF Hotline: 03 89226000
Alternatively, you may reach out to EPF through various communication channels here.
Locate EPF Branch: EPF Branch Location