Bid Farewell To The Hassle Of managing Multiple Loans/Financing

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Do you have a residential or commercial property?

Say Hello to More Freedom in Managing Your Finances

Alliance ONE Account is a mortgage refinancing service that consolidates your loan/financing balances into one account.

Free yourself from other high-interest loans/financing and benefit from the extended repayment period.

To be eligible for Alliance ONE Account, all you need is a residential or commercial property.

Alliance ONE Account Benefits



Consolidate your loans/financing into one account to reduce the time and effort spent on managing multiple loans/financing


Greater savings on interest/profit by consolidating other high-interest/profit rate loans/financing and making advance repayments


Lower monthly repayment by opting for a longer repayment period

Alliance ONE Account Islamic Financing

With Islamic Financing, you can also enjoy these added benefits:

No commitment fee for Islamic Overdraft
No lock-in period
No early termination fee
How Alliance ONE Account Works