Share Trading & eIPO

Create And Build Money While Trading Your Way To Financial Freedom.

In the digital age, it is important to have access to your investment on the go with handy tools.

Share Trading & eIPO
Build your wealth foundation and trade your way to financial freedom.
Share Trading – Omni-Channels
Share Trading – Omni-Channels
Share Trading: Multi-Platform Access

Your share trading can be done across multi-platforms, creating a cohesive experience for you regardless of the channel/s you choose to execute trades.
Collateralised Share Trading Account
Collateralised Share Trading Account
Maximum your trading exposure with minimum capital outlay.
Foreign Share Trading
Foreign Share Trading
You can trade in both local as well as foreign shares in the same Alliance Bank's Share Trading Account. Invest in foreign stocks to improve and diversify your portfolio.
Cash Upfront Trading Account
Cash Upfront Trading Account
The Cash Upfront Trading Account is where you pay 100% cash upfront for a trade. Minimal brokerage fee with hassle-free settlement.
Flexi 7 Trading Account
Flexi 7 Trading Account
A longer trading period (up to T+7 trading days) gives you more time to make an informed decision.

Maximise your contra period to capitalise on short-term trading opportunities.
IPO applications can be done at your convenience whenever and wherever you are.

Subscribe and apply for IPO shares (a company’s initial public offering) through Alliance’s online platform or ATM.

FAQs about Alliance Share Trading

  • Available for Malaysia Citizen and Permanent Resident of Malaysia.
  • Individual with minimum age 21 years old and maximum 70 years old.
  1. To open an account, you may contact dedicated bank dealer at our Share Trading Center (STC).

    STC contact number is available at the link below:

  2. The required documents are as follow:

    For Individual account
    • Copy of NRIC
    • Copy of income supporting document (i.e. latest BE / EA Form or Salary Slip or Bank Statement or CDS/Stockbroker Statement)
    • Application form

    For Company account
    • Board Resolution
    • Latest 3 months bank statements
    • CTC of latest Audited Accounts
    • Copy of Directors’ NRIC
    • Copy of Guarantor’ NRIC
    • All guarantors’ latest Pay slip/Bank Statement/EA/BE/CDS Statement
    • Application form

    Under Company Act 1965
    • Memorandum & Articles of Association/By-Laws
    • Form 8 or 9 - Certification of Incorporation
    • Form 13 - Change of Company Name (if applicable)
    • Form 24 - Return of Allotment of Shares
    • Form 44 - Notification of Situation of Registered Office
    • Form 49 - Particular of Directors, Managers and Secretaries

    Under Company Act 2016
    • Constitution (Duly signed declaration of company does not have constitution)
    • Section 14 & 15 - Application & Notice of registration
    • Form 58 & 236 (2) - Notification of Appointment of First secretary
    • Form under section 78 - Return of allotment of shares
    • Form under section 58 - Notification of change in the Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries
    • Section 46(3) - Notification of change in the Registered Address
No minimum amount is required.
  • Yes, you can trade shares in both local and foreign stock exchanges in the same Share Trading Account you open with us.
  • You can buy / sell Bursa shares as well as foreign shares from the following foreign exchanges:
    1. Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX);
    2. Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX);
    3. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE);
    4. NYSE American (NYSE-MKT);
    5. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ);
    6. Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).
After account opening, you will receive an account opening notification letter and SMS notification from the Bank within 5 working days. Once account is opened, you can only start trading after depositing cash into your settlement account and/or transferring collateral into your CDS account.
Please contact our Bank Dealers at Share Trading Center for the fees involved.
For customer who wants to trade online, you are required to register as allianceonline user. One of the security features is to create a Secure Phrase that helps you to identify the correct allianceonline website. For more details, please visit our website at
Yes. You may contact our bank dealer at our Share Trading Center (STC) if you have any inquiries.

STC contact number is available at the link below.
You can trade local shares as well as foreign shares in your Alliance Share Trading Account. For foreign shares, you can trade through our bank dealer only.
Yes, you can access anywhere and anytime with our Omni-channels!
  1. Call N Trade via Alliance Bank’s Share Trading Centre
  2. Internet Trading via
  3. Mobile trading via "Alliance iStock" apps
Yes, you may do so. Funds can be transferred to your Alliance Share Trading’s settlement account for settlement of share trades, etc.
For online user, you may transfer your funds via Online Fund Transfer Request in our internet trading platform at your convenience. Alternatively, you may submit Cash Withdrawal Form to our bank dealer at our Share Trading Center (STC).
It is important for you to consider the currency exchange rate. Please note that all foreign shares settlement is done in local currency (MYR) based on the Alliance’s prevailing foreign currency exchange rate.