An Alliance To Earth.

Environmentally and socially sustainable strategies for our only one planet.

An Extension of our Corporate Purpose

The Bank’s Vision is to be The Preferred Banking Partner. The business owner’s footprint in the economy and
social fabric of the country is vast. In 2020, small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) contributed 38.2% to
Malaysia’s gross domestic product (“GDP”). They provide employment to almost half of theworking population.
By serving the business owner’s personal and business needs, we will positively impact the wider community,
i.e. their families, employees, and customers.

Our Sustainability Purpose

We help business owners adopt economic, social and governance (ESG) practices in a way that creates value for the business, the community and the environment in which they operate.

Overall CSR Strategy Framework


Our Environment

2023 Sustainability Statement

Another way we improve lives is to do our part to help preserve the planet. Climate change has significantly affected our economy and community, and none is immune to its impact. We are committed to doing our part to improve our environment for the collective good.

ESG Survey Report for SMEs

This report provides an overview of the state of ESG among SMEs in Malaysia and aims to raise awareness among businesses on the importance of adopting ESG practices.