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Apply Personal Loan/Financing online now and enjoy interest/profit rate as low as 4.99%p.a. with approval in 10 minutes and disbursement within 24 hours.


The fuss-free, instant disbursement
Personal Loan/Financing just for you

Apply online today and receive your funds
within 24 hours of approval.
No need for processing fees, collateral or
guarantor required.

Personal Loan/Financing with Interest/Profit Rate As Low As 4.99% p.a.*
Terms and Conditions appy*







Alliance Bank Approval in 10 minutes* for initial loan/financing
Approval in
10 minutes*
for initial
Alliance Bank Personal Loan/financing up to RM200,000.
Personal Loan/financing from
RM5,000 to

Alliance Bank Personal Loan disbursement within 24 hours upon approval.
within 24 hours*
upon approval

Alliance Bank Personal Loan application from anywhere and anytime.
and anytime

Alliance Bank Personal Loan no processing fees.
No processing

Alliance Bank Personal Loan no collateral required.
No collateral 

 Alliance Bank Personal Loan no guarantor required.
No guarantor

Alliance Bank Personal Loan tenure up to 7 years.
Personal loan/financing
tenure up to 7 years

**10 minutes begin from the submission of basic information up to the receiving of initial loan/financing offer. This is an indicated approval, final status subject to bank's decision.

Quick Eligibility Check
A Malaysian citizen with the latest MyKad (dual image).
Only for Malaysians working and residing in Malaysia.
Aged between 21 to 60 years old (upon maturity of Facility).
Minimum gross monthly income of RM3,000 or RM36,000 per annum.
*Terms and Conditions 

Click HERE to view the Terms and Conditions for Personal Financing (Conventional).

Click HERE to view the Terms and Conditions for Personal Financing (Islamic).

Click HERE to view **Terms & Conditions for 20% Cashback on interest/profit rate.

Product Disclosure Sheet 

1) What do i get from this product?

Interest/Profit Rate

Approximately 4.99% per annum to 15.28% per annum (flat rate). (Effective Interest/Profit Rate:
Approximately 9.14% per annum to 25.08% per annum based on 5 Years Financing tenure).
The Interest/Profit Rate quoted and/or prescribed by the Bank hereunder is subject to the Bank's right to vary the same at any time and from time to time with prior notice to you.

Total Interest/Profit
Financing Amount (RM) × Interest/Profit Rate (%) × Tenure (Years).
Example: Financing Amount: RM20,000, Interest/Profit Rate: 10.68% p.a., Tenure: 5 Years.
Therefore Total Interest/Profit = RM20,000 × 10.68% p.a. × 5 Years = RM10,680.

2) What other charges do I have to pay?

Stamp duty (0.5%) on total approved financing amount, to be deducted from financing amount.

Unless otherwise specified herein, our charges exclude any current taxes and future taxes that may be imposed (including the Sales and Services Tax (“SST”), under the relevant legislation. Upon the effective date of implementation of any such taxes in the future and wherever applicable, we will be entitled to recover such taxes from you.

Click HERE to view the full Product Disclosure Sheet for Personal Financing (Conventional).

Click HERE to view the full Product Disclosure Sheet for Personal Financing (Islamic).

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