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Elite Max 88

A sound financial strategy can work for you in many ways. In addition to your primary objective of accumulating savings, a good plan provides opportunities to grow your savings, while also providing protection for you.

Whether you want to set aside funds for a rainy day or save for a specific reason, such as to purchase a house or fund your children’s education, Elite Max 88 can help you to save the smarter way.

Elite Max 88 highlights
WHY Elite Max 88?
Elite Max 88 highlights


Enjoy a short premium payment term of 5 years only and choose the coverage term from the available plan options:

Plan Option Coverage Term
Wealth-88 Up to age 88
Wealth-88-Plus Up to age 88
Wealth-15 15 years

Elite Max 88 highlights


No medical underwriting is required for Face Amount up to RM800,000 per life1.

Elite Max 88 highlights


Your policy will continue to stay in force even if the Account Value is insufficient to pay for Policy Charges.

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In the event of death or Total and Permanent Disability3 (TPD) during the first 15 years, the following benefits will be payable in one lump sum:

Policy Year Death4 or TPD Benefit Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)5
1 to 2 Total Modal Premiums Paid6 Additional 600% of Annualised Premium
3 to 15 The higher of:
  • 105% of Total Modal Premiums Paid6; OR
  • Account Value

Elite Max 88 highlights


Enjoy potential investment returns through monthly Crediting Interest Rate7 declared from Manulife Universal Life Fund.

Even in an unfavourable market environment, the net Crediting Interest Rate will never be negative. It is guaranteed a minimum of 2% p.a. for the first five years and 0% in the following years.

Elite Max 88 highlights


At the end of Policy Year 15, a Wealth Pot equivalent to the amount below will be created.

Wealth Pot8

Higher of 525% of Annualised Premium OR Account Value

For Wealth-88 or Wealth-88-Plus, the amount of the Wealth Pot will remain invested in Manulife Universal Life Fund to grow with the Crediting Interest Rate.

Based on the chosen plan, you will receive the following benefit upon the survival of the Insured at maturity:

Plan Option Maturity Benefit
Wealth-88 110% of the Account Value will be payable.

You will receive an Annual Income9 of 5% of your Account Value at the end of each year starting from Policy Year 16.

Upon maturity, 110% of the remaining Account Value will be payable.

Wealth-15 Wealth Pot amount will be payable.

Elite Max 88 highlights


90 days before the creation of Wealth Pot, you have the flexibility to switch within the available plan options to meet your latest financial needs in case your initial financial goal has changed10.

Elite Max 88 highlights


Enjoy income tax relief subject to the requirements of the Inland Revenue Board.

Product Footnotes:
  1. Aggregated with other similar type of Universal Life policies issued by Manulife on the same life.
  2. Provided all premiums are paid up to date.
  3. TPD coverage is up to 15th policy year or up to Insured’s age 70, whichever is earlier.
  4. For plan option Wealth-88 and Wealth-88-Plus, Account Value will be payable if death of Insured occurs from policy year 16 onwards, policy will terminate after payout.
  5. ADB is only applicable if entry age is 60 and below, the coverage is up to the 15th policy year or up to the Insured’s age 65, whichever is earlier, provided such death occurs within 180 days from the accident.
  6. Total Modal Premiums Paid is the total Premiums (excluding Extra Premium due to loading, if any) received by Manulife on the basic policy from the Issue date until death or commencement of disability of the Insured.
  7. The Crediting Interest Rate declared is not guaranteed and may fluctuate depending on the actual investment return of the fund. A smoothing mechanism will be applied by Manulife to determine the Crediting Interest Rate. The Crediting Interest Rate is subject to Investment Income Tax and Fund Management Charge. Refer fund fact sheet for more info.
  8. If No Lapse Guaranteed has been forfeited, the Wealth Pot amount will be based on only the Account Value.
  9. Annual Income is paid by withdrawing from the Account Value and will only be paid provided the balance of the Account Value after each payout is at least RM5,000. Annual Income will cease upon death or policy maturity, whichever is earlier.
  10. The flexibility to switch is only allowed to be exercised during the aforementioned period. A notification will be sent to the Policy Owner. If no response is received, Manulife will continue to administer the policy in accordance with the existing plan.
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