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Elite Life Guard 2

Life insurance is about providing financial security. Securing a comfortable future for you and your family is a priority and with Elite Life Guard 2, you are on the right track. Best yet, you can safeguard yourself and your family with just one plan.



Highlights of Elite Life Guard 2:


tickLife insurance protection for death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)1 whereby the higher of the Account Value or Face Amount will be payable. Elite Life Guard Plus 2 which pays both Account Value and Face Amount is also available.

tickGet covered with additional 150% of the Face Amount should death of the insured is due to accident2.

tickWaive future Insurance Premium until the 10th policy year if diagnosed with one of the 47 covered critical illnesses.

tickEarn Wellness Reward of up to 20% of the Total Insurance Charge3 at the end of 10th, 20th and 30th policy year.

tickGain access to a variety of investment-linked funds4.

tickYou have the flexibility to take charge of your financial plan such as adjust your premium and insurance coverage, switch between funds, perform top-ups or withdraw your investment as and when needed5.

tickChoice of coverage terms up to 70, 80 or 99 years old. For coverage terms up to age 70 or 80, you have the option to renew the policy up to age 99 without further underwriting6.

tickAuto fund rebalancing of your investment portfolio every quarterly.


Supplement and complete your insurance coverage with the following optional protection:



Helps to ease your financial burden from rising hospitalisation expenses.



Have ready access to funds for treatment of critical illnesses without compromising your lifestyle.



Provides financial assistance for treatment even in early stages of critical illnesses.



Provides coverage against specific female-related illnesses.



Provides financial assistance to your family should the unexpected happens.



Pays future premiums of the policy should the Insured or Payor suffers from any of the covered events.


1TPD coverage is up to age 70 next birthday.

2Accidental death coverage is up to age 70 next birthday. If the Insured’s age at entry is 61 and above, accidental death benefit will not be applicable.

3Only applicable to Insurance Charge charged for basic plan and Critical Illness Protect rider. Subject to no claims and all premiums are paid to date.

4Returns are not guaranteed and are subject to the performance of the funds. Past performance of the funds is not indicative of future performance. Please refer to fund fact sheet for more information.

5Subject to terms and conditions, Conditional Charges may apply.

6Manulife will inform you of this option 90 days prior to the expiry date of your selected coverage term.


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