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Retail Bond

Retail Bond is a form of debt security in which the issuer, depending on the terms of the bond, is obliged to pay the holder of the bond interest or coupon at pre-determined intervals and returns the principal on the maturity date.

Why invest in Retail Bond?

tickGet potential higher interest returns than regular Fixed Deposit.

tick Bonds provide a steady streamline of cash flow payment to investors.

tick Investors are allowed to liquidate their bonds in the secondary market without forfeiting their accrued interest at the prevailing market price.

Who is it for?

Retail Bond is suitable for those who:

  • Has a medium to long-term investment horizon.
  • Want to diversify their investment portfolio to include Fixed Income instrument.
  • Want to enjoy a steady income stream through regular coupon payments.

Want to know more about Retail Bond?

There are many types of bonds available in the market and here are the common terminologies you may need to understand prior to investing in Retail Bond:

Term (s) Description
A company that issues the Bond to investors in order to raise capital for its operations, expansion or other needs.
The amount paid upfront by the investors to purchase Bond which will then be returned upon maturity. It is also known as nominal value or par value of a Bond.
Maturity Date
The date in which the principal amount is repaid in full by the Issuer.
For coupon-bearing bonds, this is the stated interest rate that the Issuer will pay to the bond holders, usually on a semi-annual basis. As investors buy bond issues through a secondary market, the actual bond yield will differ from the coupon rate.
Internal Rate of Return that an investor would receive if they purchased the bond at the prevailing market price and held it to maturity.
Bond Ratings
It measures the quality of the issuer and its ability to make debt repayments.



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