Refinance To Get Extra Cash And Interest/Profit Savings

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Do you have a residential or commercial property?

What is Alliance ONE Account/-i?

A mortgage refinancing service that turns the value of
your properties into extra cash to meet your needs.


Benefits of Refinancing

1. Lower Interest/Profit Rate  2. Free Up Cash for Your Investments or Other Personal Needs  3. Consolidate Your Loans/Financing Into One Account When You Refinance Your Residential or Commericial Property 

Alliance ONE Account/-i Features


  1. High margin of financing up to 95% with legal fees and insurance/Takaful* financing
  2. Financing tenure up to 35 years or age 70
  3. Term loan/financing and overdraft/cashline options available to fit your needs
  4. Interest/profit calculated daily
  5. Convenient & Hassle-free loan/financing consolidation service
*For AOA-i, only Takaful contribution can be financed.

Alliance ONE Account Islamic Financing


With Islamic Financing, you can also enjoy these added benefits:

Refinance To Get Extra Cash And Interest/Profit Savings