Credit Cards

Credit in 360

Whether you are an urbanite with exquisite taste or a jet-setting globetrotter constantly on the move, take your lifestyle to the next level with a credit card that rewards your every step. Whatever your passions, Alliance Bank keeps you credit-ready so that you can experience life to the fullest.

Visa Infinite Card

Visa Infinite Card

Your all-access pass to the finest luxuries; from exclusive dining experiences to premium deals with merchants across the globe.

Platinum Card

Platinum Card

Get the most out of your lifestyle and be rewarded with maximum Timeless Bonus Points on a variety of spending.   

You:nique Card

You:nique Card

Delight in low profit rates per annum, along with unlimited cash rebates of up to 3% wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Gold Card

Gold Card

Indulge in all your favourite things and be free of profit-rate repayments when you spend at a selected group of exclusive merchants.

Classic Card

Classic Card

Double up with a card that’s recognised and accepted worldwide for all your basic credit needs.

Visa Basic Card

Visa Basic Card

Get back to basics with a “No Frills” Visa credit card at a low annual fee.

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Alliance One Account

Unlock The Maximum Value Of Your Property
Alliance ONE Account lets you take advantage of your property’s positive value to unlock more opportunities in life.

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Alliance SavePlus Account

Why lock your money in Fixed Deposit when your Current Account gives you up to 3.5%p.a. interest rate with zero transaction fees!
Open an Alliance SavePlus Account instantly and conveniently with us.