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Credit Life Insurance


Benefit from a single premium term life insurance specifically designed to insure the life of key personnel within your organisation against the organisation's borrowing exposures throughout the policy tenure. In the event of Death or Total Permanent Disability to the key personnel, the coverage amount can be used to repay the outstanding loans to minimise business disruptions and ensure business continuity.

This product is available in the following options:

tickLevel Term Coverage - Provides a fixed insured amount for the entire insured tenure. This plan can be used to insure against any form of business loans (Overdraft, Term Loans etc)

tickReducing Term Coverage - The insured amount reduces according to the tenure making it the perfect choice for insuring against term loans.


tickAffordable single-premium term coverage

tickPremium financing options available

tickRefund of Cash Surrender Value for early loan settlements

tickOptional Refund of Premium (ROP) rider


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