Basic Current Account

Alliance Basic Current account offers a Cheque book to facilitate withdrawals and payments. It also provides the flexibility to manage your account via allianceonline.


tickCheque book to facilitate withdrawals and payments

tickMonthly statements

tickBanking services at all our branches

tickCheque eXpress Service & Cash Deposit Machines for convenient cheque/cash deposit

tickallianceonline services for easy account management

* Fees are charged for replacement Debit Cards due to Lost/Faulty.


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Terms & Conditions apply.

The hard copy monthly statement currently sent to existing customers and customers who have opened their account from 1 June 2021 onwards will be available until 30 November 2021.
Effective 1 December 2021, please view your monthly statement via allianceonline.

Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. View PIDM brochure in your preferred language here


  • Malaysians aged 18 years and above (including permanent residents)


  • Minimum account opening amount of RM500
  • Can be operated individually or jointly
  • Service charge of RM10 for each half year if average balance is under RM1,000 during the half year
  • Fees and Charges are applicable
Contents Bank charges
1 Commission on Outstation Cheques Sent for Collection (Each Cheque) Flat rate of 0.03%
Minimum : RM0-50
Maximum : RM500-00

No commission is to be charged on Government cheques or cheques drawn on Government Statutory Body.
2 Collection of Outstation Cheques Re-presented Flat rate of 0.03 % per OC Re-presented
Minimum : RM0-50
Maximum : RM500-00
3 Commission on Inter-Branch Transactions (IBT)
> Performed at Branches located outside the clearing area/zone
Flat rate of 0.03
Minimum : RM0-50
Maximum : RM500-00

IBT Commission should be waived for the following transactions:
- IBT loan repayment
- Non-staff depositing to a Staff A/C
4 Commission on Inter-Branch Transactions (IBT)
> Performed at Branches located in the same clearing area/zone
IBT commission is waived on all IBT transacted amongst ABMB branches located within the same clearing area/zone except for the IBT outstation cheque deposit
5 Service Charge on Closing of Savings Account Closing of account before 3 months: RM20-00

Closing of account after 3 months: No charges
6 Service Charge on Issuance of Duplicate Savings Account Passbook Reported Lost/ Stolen/ Worn Out or Defaced RM10-00

The appropriate stamp duty on the letter of indemnity shall be borne by the customer
7 Service charge on inactive current and savings accounts with dormant status Yearly service charge of RM10
8 Replacement Of ATM Card RM12-00 per card replacement
9 MEPS Charges RM1-00 per transaction
10 Cirrus Enquiry RM1-00 per transaction
11 Cirrus Monetary Transaction RM8-00 per transaction
12 Bills payment payment to (Credit Card, HL) to other BIs RM1-00 per transaction
13 Charges for GIRO transactions RM2-00 per transaction
(1st two GIRO transaction, charge at RM0-50 per transaction)
14 Presently, the a/c number is autogenerated by the system. If customer wants to choose his desired available account number, a service charge will be levied. Service charge of RM50-00 for choosing desired available a/c number
15 Charges on transaction above minimum thresholds Currently not available, until further notice

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