Visa Virtual Credit Card (allianceonline mobile app)

Your Identity And Finances,

Stay guarded by masking your real credit card number
with a virtual dynamic one.

Visa Virtual Credit Card (allianceonline mobile app)
The smart virtual credit card that allows you to make online payments efficiently and effortlessly.
16-digit card number that changes every 30 minutes for security purposes.


  • Malaysia’s 1st in-app Virtual Credit Card
  • Secured Payment Tool
  • Hassle-free Application
  • Zero Annual Fee


8x Timeless Bonus Points (TBP)*
with online shopping transactions and eWallet top-up
1x TBP
for all other transactions
No Annual Fee
All Timeless Bonus Points Will Not Expire

Card Features

Card Features


Disguise your actual
card number

Enjoy enhanced security with the randomly generated
16-digit number that is valid for only 30 minutes each
time you need to make a payment. Use your virtual
credit card with the peace of mind that comes with
protecting your real credit card number from
potential fraud.

Learn how to use
Card Features


Seamlessly manage all
of your virtual cards

Freeze, unfreeze or delete your virtual cards at any
time. Simply set the spending limit, or manage your
recurring payments on your card to enjoy greater
control over your online shopping experience.

Learn how to use
Card Features


Scan and pay at any
merchants via DuitNow

Pay easily at selected merchants and enjoy rewards
with your virtual credit card.

Card Features


Settle your bills conveniently

Pay your bills from anywhere you are without
any worry.

Card Features

Get more out of your credit

Leverage on the flexibility
of your credit limit

Set your repayments to suit your needs.
Enjoy attractive profit rates from as low as 9.88% p.a.
when you set 12, 24 or 36 fixed instalments.

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Apply in 3 simple steps


Download allianceonline mobile app.


Tap on ‘Virtual Credit Card’ and scan your MyKad.


Upload your income documents.
Visa Virtual Credit Card - allianceonline
Visa Virtual Credit Card - allianceonline
Visa Virtual Credit Card - allianceonline
Visa Virtual Credit Card - allianceonline
Visa Virtual Credit Card - allianceonline
Once your Virtual Credit Card application has been approved, you can instantly enjoy a cardless shopping experience, perform online banking on the go and more.

Download Now


Download & apply via allianceonline


Eligibility & Required Documentation

Who can apply?
  • Principal Cardholders, 21 years old and above
  • Annual Income of Minimum RM24,000 p.a.
Required Documentation
Salaried Earners
  • Copy of NRIC (both sides) or a copy of a valid passport AND
  • EPF (showing minimum latest 13 months' record printed from handheld or i-Akaun) OR
  • Last 1 month payslip
Salaried Earners
  • Copy of NRIC (both sides) or a copy of a valid passport AND
  • EPF (showing minimum latest 13 months' record printed from handheld or i-Akaun) OR
  • Latest 3 months' payslip & 3 months' bank statements
Self Employed
  • Business Registration Certificate/Trading License/Form 9, Form 24, Form 49 AND
  • Latest 6 months' bank statements OR
  • Latest 1 Year Borang B and Tax receipt/e-Ledger

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FAQs about Alliance Bank Visa Virtual Credit Card

The Alliance Bank Visa Virtual Credit Card (“VCC”) is a credit line provided by Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (“ABMB”). Functioning similarly to physical credit cards, a VCC is exclusively digital. Unlike a physical cards, a virtual card becomes available for customer use immediately after generating a random 16-digit number which changes every 30 minutes for security purposes. This virtual nature offers customers immediate usability while providing an additional layer of security by safeguarding information linked to bank accounts during one-off purchases.
Customers who are interested to apply for the VCC may follow the steps below:
  1. Download the allianceonline mobile app (‘AOM’) from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Tap on the VCC icon at the top right of the AOM login page.
  3. Proceed with the VCC application by providing personal and income details. Capture clear photos of your National Registration Identity Card (Front and Back) and upload supporting documents like an EPF statement or proof of income.
  4. Customers will receive the app push notification and SMS notification once a decision has been made on your application.
To be eligible for a Virtual Credit Card with Alliance Bank Malaysia, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  1. Principal Cardholders, aged 21 years and above
  2. Annual income of a minimum of RM24,000 p.a.
The documents required for Virtual Credit Card application are :
For Salaried Earners:
  • Copy of NRIC (both sides)
  • EPF (latest 13 months’ record)
For Self Employed or Commission based:
  • Copy of NRIC (both sides)
  • Business Registration Certificate Form 9/24/49
  • Latest 6 months' bank statements OR
  • Latest 1 Year Borang B and Tax receipt/e-Ledger
The credit limit for the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is determined based on the customer’s income and their existing financing commitments during the application review by Alliance Bank. It ranges from a minimum of RM3,000 to a maximum credit limit of RM300,000.
Yes, you can apply for a VCC if you are an existing Alliance Bank Malaysia Credit Card holder. Please refer to the information above for details on how to apply.
VCC users will enjoy the following features:
  1. Create a 16-digit Dynamic Card Number for online transactions and e-bill subscriptions
  2. Make JomPAY Bill Payments
  3. Perform DuitNow QR payments at merchants accepting credit card payments via DuitNow
  4. Access Fast Cash
The Virtual Credit Card offers a range of valuable benefits, including:
Earn Timeless Bonus Points (TBP)
  • 8x TBP for online shopping transactions and eWallet1 top ups
  • 3x TBP for Dining
  • 1x TBP for all other transactions
Note: All TBP will not expire

1For eWallet top-ups exceeding RM3,000 in each statement cycle, you will earn 1x TBP for every RM1 transaction.

No, there is no additional RM25 SST charge for creating a new Dynamic Card Number. The RM25 SST is only charged annually on your VCC Static Card. Any additional DCN created will not result in extra SST charges.
No, there are no annual fees for this Virtual Credit Card. However, there is a Sales Service Tax (SST) of RM25 imposed by the government.
Yes, there is a 0% Flexi-Payment Plan (FPP) available for a minimum spend of RM500 on the VCC until 31 December 2024.
The Virtual Credit Card offers enhanced security measures to protect users from online fraud:
  1. Customers can make seamless credit card payments on their mobile devices without the need for a physical card.
  2. Each transaction is assigned a unique 16-digit tokenization for security purposes, minimising exposure to the risk of fraudulent e-commerce transactions.
  3. Customers have the flexibility to freeze or unfreeze the virtual credit card without the hassle of calling the bank's contact centre, providing added control and security.
To facilitate the creation of one-time card numbers or setting up recurring/subscriptions via the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) for secure online transactions, you may refer to the educational link provided below:
The Virtual Credit Card offers several customisable settings and features for user convenience:
Subscription Card Settings  
View/Edit Card Change the subscription details
Card Appearance Change the style and card colour based on your preference
Freeze / Unfreeze Card Temporarily block all transactions charged. This can be done if you encounter any suspicious transactions.

You may also unfreeze the card on your own without calling the bank’s customer service.
Delete Card For VCC cards you no longer need, you may delete them and they will be removed from your app.

You will need to re-generate as new number if you wish to continue using VCC
Yes, you can create a 16-digit card number specifically designed for subscriptions. You also have the flexibility to set the charge limit amount, the number of cards to be charged, and the expiry date.
VCC will only support those Duitnow QR Merchants that accepts line of credit.
To access your Virtual Credit Card statement, you can conveniently view your monthly statements through allianceonline.
To settle your outstanding Virtual Credit Card bill, you may choose from the following options:

Option 1: Login to the allianceonline mobile app, select 'Pay Card,' and choose Visa Virtual Credit

Option 2: Access your e-statement, refer to Virtual Credit Card account, and Pay via bank fund transfers
Virtual Credit Card operates on a single sign-on system. When you install and login to the Virtual Credit Card on a new device, the old device will be automatically logged out. This is because the new device is verified through a OneTime-PIN (OTP).
You can contact the Alliance Bank Contact Centre at +603-5516 9988. The contact centre is available every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

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