Diversify your assets through an array of comprehensive financial tools designed to cater to your unique investment appetite.

Unit Trust

Unit Trust

For Unit Trust retail funds, one can start to invest from as low as RM100. The low entry cost allows first-time unit trust investors a convenient and low-cost way of investing in markets traditionally harder to access. At Alliance Bank, we offer a wide range of funds to suit your investment needs.

Structured Investment

Structured Investment

A Structured Investment is an investment that provides you potential payout depends on the performance of the underlying asset. This gives you the opportunity to enhance your return with capital protection upon maturity. Investment in a different underlying asset will help to diversify your portfolio risk.  

Dual Currency Investment

Dual Currency Investment

Investing in Dual Currency Investment is not only meeting your foreign currency needs but also offering you the potential for higher returns than your fixed deposit. You may choose your currency pair from a wide range of foreign currency: Australian Dollar, US Dollar, British Pound, and many more! Take advantage of our flexibility with tenure as short as one week to suit your needs.

Retail Bond

Retail Bond

Investing in bonds is likely to offer stability in your investment portfolio by balancing out the equity market effect. Bonds can potentially lower the overall risk of your portfolio for a given level of expected return. In addition, this investment may also offer you a steady stream of income in the form of regular coupon.

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Investment Lending

We help you to improve/free up your cash flow without liquidating your assets so that you are always cash-ready for investment opportunities.

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Share Financing

Build and accumulate wealth with the leveraging strategy and better cash management.

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