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Share Trading

  Create and build wealth, trade your way to financial freedom with Alliance Bank.

In the digital age, it’s important to have access to your investment on-the-go with handy tools such as the Alliance iStock Mobile App.

Through Share Trading with Alliance iStock, you will be exposed to an array of ways for you to improve your finance and a better way to manage your wealth.


Online Trading Account

Online Trading Account

Mobile trading with “Alliance iStock” gives you unbelievable access to a myriad of options for your trading needs.

Collateralised Account

Collateralised Account

  • Maximise your trading exposure with minimal capital outlay [high trading multiplier given for various collaterals
  • Pounce on opportunities by magnifying your intraday /contra positions

Foreign Share Account

Foreign Share Account

  • Have access to various international markets with just one account
  • US, Hong Kong and Singapore markets

Cash Upfront Account

Cash Upfront Account

  • Hassle-free settlement by purchasing with your own cash
  • Minimal brokerage fee

Flexi 7 Account

Flexi 7 Account

A longer trading period gives you ample time to make the right decision with Alliance Bank.

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Investment Lending

We help you to improve/free up your cash flow without liquidating your assets so that you are always cash-ready for investment opportunities.

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Share Financing

Build and accumulate wealth with the leveraging strategy and better cash management.

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