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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


About Alliance BizSmart®

Alliance BizSmart® comes with two platforms, Corporate Front Office and Corporate Back Office

Corporate Front Office
Corporate Back Office

Front-end platform enables users to perform account inquiry and execute various types of payment such as IBG, Payroll, and many more

Payment Maker

Create and submit payment instruction for approval

Payment Authoriser

Approve or reject payment instruction created by Payment Maker

Back-end platform provides user with a direct control in managing the access matrix for all Corporate Front Office users according to their roles, accounts and service accessibility

System Administrator

Manage Front Office User ID/change account setup/ register favourite account

System Authoriser

Approve or reject changes made by System Administrator

User Roles & Functions

Alliance BizSmart® allows you to customise your user roles & functions according to your business structure

Sole Proprietor
Partnership, Private Ltd & Corporate
  • Sole proprietor is able to access to Corporate Front Office to perform account inquiry and payment

  • Payment Maker and Payment Authoriser would be the same person, holding 2 log-in IDs

  • There is no Corporate Back Office platform for Sole Proprietor

Corporate Front Office

• For inquiry & payment

  • Minimum 2 people to manage Alliance BizSmart®

  • Payment Maker and System Administrator would be responsible for data entry, and could be the same person holding 2 log-in IDs

  • Payment Authoriser and System Authoriser would be the account signatories, and could be the same person holding 2 log-in IDs and 2 security tokens

Corporate Front Office

• For inquiry & payment

Corporate Back Office

• For ID administration & account set-up

Corporate Front Office

Front-end platform enables users to perform account inquiry and execute various types of payment

Account Inquiry &
Making Payments



Account Inquiry &
Approving Payments



(Only for
Payment Maker)

Transaction Status & Authorisation

  • Consolidated Account Inquiry
  • Transaction History
  • Online e-Statement
  • Fund Transfer & Remittance
  • Bulk Payment
  • Payroll & Statutory Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Loan/Financing Repayment/ Credit Card Payment
  • Successful/ Failed Payments
  • Cancelled/ Voided Payments

Corporate Back Office

Back-end platform provides users with a direct control in managing Corporate Front Office

ID Management
& Account Setup



Approve Changes
in Account Setup


User Access

Workflow Set-Up

Pre-Account Registration

  • Consolidated Account Inquiry
  • Transaction History
  • Online e-Statement
  • Fund Transfer & Remittance
  • Bulk Payment
  • Payroll & Statutory Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Loan/Financing Repayment/ Credit Card Payment
  • Successful/ Failed Payments
  • Cancelled/ Voided Payments
Q2.1 - What is Alliance BizSmart®?
A2.1 - Alliance BizSmart® is an online portal that provides a range of products and services to suit your business needs. You will be able to access a complete suite of secure banking services which enables you to manage your finance anytime, anywhere.
Q2.2 - Who is eligible to apply for Alliance BizSmart® services?
A2.2 - Alliance BizSmart® Service is eligible to Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Company, Association, Club or Society with an active current account with the bank.
Q2.3 - What is the service availability?
A2.3 - Alliance BizSmart® Online Banking service* is available 24 hours daily, 7 days a week inclusive of Public Holidays. *Only for Pay-to-Others in Alliance Bank, DuitNow, Instant Transfer, Bill and Card Payments, FPX B2B, Pay-to-Other Bank Accounts (IBG only), Loan/Financing Payments and Account Inquiry (check balance and download statement). Availability of other services remains unchanged from 7:00a.m. to 11:00p.m.
Q2.4 - Can I access the service from different PCs?
A2.4 - Yes, as long as the PC meets the minimum system requirement.
Q2.5 - Can I access Alliance BizSmart® from overseas?
A2.5 - Yes, as long as your PC/Laptop are connected to internet.
Q2.6 - What is the minimum PC requirement to access Alliance BizSmart® services?
A2.6 - BizSmart® is compatible with any operating system/browser, i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.
Q2.7 - What are the services available on Alliance BizSmart®?
A2.7 - Alliance BizSmart® comes with the below services based on a customer’s subscription package:-
Package Inquiry Package Transaction Package
Services Available Account Management
  • Consolidated Account Inquiry
  • Transaction History Group
  • Online eStatement
  • Card Inquiry
  • Merchant Payment Advise Inquiry
  • Download Tax Invoice
  • JomPay Collection Report
  • Direct Debit Mandate
Cheque Status Management
  • Cheque Status Inquiry
  • Bulk Cheque Collection Report
Forex & Money Market Inquiry
  • FX Rate Inquiry
  • Intra-Bank Fund Transaction
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • Instant Transfer
  • DuitNow
  • Inter-bank Fund Transfer (RENTAS)
  • Bill Payment
  • Loan Repayments
  • Card Repayments
  • General Bulk Payments
  • Payroll Services
  • Statutory payment (KWSP, SOCSO, LHDN & EIS)
  • Zakat (Selangor)
  • Pre-paid Reload
  • FPX B2B
e-Fixed Deposit
  • e-FD/Term Deposit Inquiry
  • e-FD/Term Deposit Placement
  • e-FD/Term Deposit Withdrawal
Trade Finance
  • Trade Finance Inquiry
Cheque Management
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque Request
Note: Transaction Package will come with all the services that are available in Inquiry Package.
Q2.8 - What are the types of user available in Alliance BizSmart® Service?
A2.8 -  
No User Role Transaction Package
1 Corporate System Administrator Corporate System Administrator refers to the authorised person from the company to perform the below functions:-
  • Maintain User Group
  • Maintain User Profile
  • Maintain workflow setup (Transaction Package only)
  • Pre-Account registration
2 Corporate System Authoriser Corporate System Authoriser refers to the authorised person from the company to approve the maintenance performed by Corporate System Administrator.
3 Corporate Maker Corporate Maker refers to the parties appointed by the company to initiate payment transaction.
4 Corporate Checker Corporate Checker refers to the parties appointed by the company to verify the transaction initiated by Corporate Maker before it’s been routed to Corporate Approval for approval.
5 Corporate Authoriser Corporate Approval refers to the parties appointed by the company to approve payment via security token.
6 Corporate Observer Corporate Observer refers to the parties appointed by the company to perform inquiry function.
Q2.9 - Can I view my account details via System Administrator/ System Authoriser login?
A2.9 - No, the role for System Administrator/System Authoriser is to perform user group/user profile maintenance, workflow setup or pre-account registration only.
Q2.10 - Can I not appoint any System Administrator/System Authoriser for my company?
A2.10 - Yes, you may appoint the bank to manage the users for your company. Charges apply for this option.
Q2.11 - Who is required to hold a token device for BizSmart®?
A2.11 - Only Corporate System Authoriser and Corporate Authoriser (for Transaction Package only) are required to hold a token device.
Q3.1 - How do I activate my user ID?
A3.1 - Activation is performed by the user during the first-time sign-in using the password generated by System Administrator or the Bank (Pin Mailer). You are required to input the SMS TAC sent to your mobile during the activation to confirm your first-time sign-in. Your User ID will be activated once your confirmation is verified.
Q3.2 - I'm unable to perform a password change during the first-time sign-in as I’m not sure what to input.
A3.2 - Below are some of the form fields required to be filled on the Password Change page above:-
Field Description
Current Password Refer to the password you used to login before accessing the “Change Password” screen
New Password Your new password to login BizSmart® which must be 8 – 12 alphanumeric value, i.e. a mixture of A-Z or 0-9 value with the length between 8-12 bytes
Confirm Password Repeat the password in “New Password” field
IC/Passport No User IC or passport number registered to use BizSmart® services
Transaction Authorisation Refer to the temporary pin received along with the SMS TAC sent to your mobile phone
Q3.3 - Will my password expire?
A3.3 - Yes, your password is valid for 90 days. You are required to change the password after 90 days. A message will appear when you login before and on the day your password expires.
Q3.4 - Will my User ID account become dormant?
A3.4 - Yes, Your User ID account will become dormant if you if you have not logged into Alliance BizSmart® for more than 120 days. You will need to reset password by System Administrator/the bank in order to re-activate the account.
Q3.5 - What is Security Token?
A3.5 - Token is a security device that adds an extra layer of security in addition to user login credentials (User ID & Password).

It allows an authoriser to perform secure transactions online which are digitally signed.
Q3.6 - What is Digital Certificate?
A3.6 - Digital Certificate is an electronic document that uses a digital signature to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the person signing a document to ensure that there are no changes made to the original signed message or document.
Q3.7 - How do I activate my token?
A3.7 - Upon successful first-time log-in Corporate Approval or Corporate System Authoriser will see a link to activate the token. You may click on the link and follow the steps to activate your token.
Q3.8 - What is Token Serial Number?
A3.8 - Token Serial Number is a serial of a 13-digit unique number to identify your token device. It is available on the back of the token ie. 360xxxxxxxxxx.
Q4.1 - What is the cut-off time for payroll/bulk payment service?
A4.1 - Both payroll and bulk payment with the same date has a cut-off time of 8.30p.m.
Q4.2 - How long does it take for my beneficiary to receive the payment?
A4.2 - The time taken for funds to be credited into a beneficiary's account varies with the time a transaction is approved and the processing window of the beneficiary’s bank.
Click here to know more on "Schedule of Funds Received by Beneficiaries”.
Q4.3 - Am I able to perform future-dated transactions?
A4.3 - Yes, you may submit and approve a future-dated transaction up to 30 days in advance. All approved transactions will be processed on the payment date specified.
Q4.4 - When will my account be debited for the transaction that has been approved?
A4.4 - Your account will be debited during the “Payment Date”.
Q4.5 - Do I get an acknowledgment for all the payments?
A4.5 - Yes, a unique transaction reference number will be generated for each executed payment. An acknowledgement page will also be available for printing.
Q4.6 - How do I know the status of my payment?
A4.6 - There is a transaction status module to view the status of your payment. Any successful/rejected payment will be displayed in this module. The status available in the system is as per below:
Status Description
Sent to bank Transaction is successfully approved and accepted by the bank for execution
Processing Transaction is successfully processed and sent to the beneficiary bank (for IBG Transaction only)
Successful Transaction is successfully processed by the bank
Failed Transaction is rejected during processing
Rejected Transaction is rejected by Checker/Authoriser user before being processed
Unavailable Transaction encountered an error during processing and the transaction is not successful
Cancelled Transaction has been cancelled before it is being processed by the bank
Q4.7 - Do I get any payment receipts?
A4.7 - You will be able to print a Transaction Acknowledgment in PDF format as a reference of a payment.
Q4.8 - Can I use the same file format for both Payroll and Bulk Payment?
A4.8 - Yes, Alliance Bank adopted a standard file format for the above two functions.
Q4.9 - Do I get an acknowledgement for all the payments?
A4.9 - Yes, a unique transaction reference number will be generated for each executed payment. An acknowledgment page will be available for printing.
Q4.10 - When will my account be debited if I perform a future-dated transaction?
A4.10 - Funds will only be debited from your account on the processing/payment date specified during the submission.
Q5.1 - What should I do if I encounter the error "OTP is invalid"?
A5.1 - Kindly retry and make sure to input the 8-digit checksum to your OCRA token under function and generate Checksum Sign number. Key in the 8-digit Checksum Sign and click "Confirm".



It could be due to an inactive OCRA token. Kindly follow steps below:

  1. Login to BizSmart® System
  2. From landing page, please click the link "Activate OCRA Hardware Token"
  3. Input "User IC" and "OCRA Hardware Token Serial No"
  4. Click "Next"
Q6.1 - How much is the Transaction module for Alliance BizSmart® service?
A6.1 -  
Subscription Fee RM30 per month
Yearly digital certificate renewal fee RM50 per authoriser
Token charges *First 2 tokens will be provided FOC RM70.00 will be charged to your company (inclusive of 1-year digital certificate)
Q6.2 - Are there any transaction fees?
A6.2 - Yes and the charges are summarised as below

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Type of Transaction Description Transaction Costs (RM) Services Charges (RM) Total Charges (RM)
1. Single Transaction (Online via BizSmart®)      
Interbank Transfer ABMB to ABMB Absorbed by the bank Absorbed by the bank FOC
InterBank IBG (GIRO) ABMB to IBG participating banks 0.10 Absorbed by the bank 0.10
Instant Transfer ABMB to instant transfer participating banks 0.15 (equal or below RM5,000.00)
0.50 (above RM5,000.00)
Absorbed by the bank For Sole Proprietor & SME
  • FOC (equal or below 5,000.00)
  • 0.50 (above 5,000.00)
For Corporate customer 0.50
DuitNow ABMB to DuitNow participating banks 0.15 (equal or below RM5,000.00)
0.50 (above RM5,000.00)
Absorbed by the bank For Sole Proprietor & SME
  • FOC (equal or below 5,000.00)
  • 0.50 (above 5,000.00)
RENTAS ABMB to RENTAS participating banks 2.50 2.50 For Corporate customer 0.50
For Sole Proprietor & SME 2.00
For Corporate customer 5.00
2. Bulk Payment and Payroll      
Intrabank Transfer Online IBG RENTAS ABMB to ABMB ABMB to other IBG banks ABMB to other RENTAS banks Absorbed by the bank
3. Transaction SMS Notification RM0.20 per SMS    

Note: For Service Request Form which is applicable to multiple companies with common authorised representative signatories, you may combine the Service Request Form into one form by filling in the company names under the Company Information column and provide the respective company stamps.

Q7.1 - Request to add a new System Administrator/System Authoriser or other user
Q7.2 - Request to delete an existing System Administrator/ System Authoriser or other user
Q7.3 - Request to reset password
Q7.4 - Request to change/update a user’s mobile phone number
Q7.5 - Request to link user access
Q7.6 - Request to change Alliance BizSmart® subscription package
Q7.7 - Request to amend transaction daily limit amount
Q7.8 - Request to add a company's new account/credit card in the system
Q7.9 - Request to pre-register a beneficiary account in the system
Q7.10 - Request for an additional token for Payment Authoriser
Q7.11 - Request to replace a faulty or lost token
Q7.12 - Complete signature and authorised company rubber stamp

Terms & Conditions

Click here to download and read our
Terms & Conditions.


Updated as at 23 July 2021

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Call our hotline at 1-300-80-3388 (03-56243888 - for customers calling in from overseas) or send us an email at with your name, contact number and email address.

We will contact you within 3 working days.

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