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Structured Investment

Structured Investment is a derivative-linked product that provides fixed or variable payout subject to the performance of underlying reference asset such as :

  • Equity
  • Interest rate
  • Commodity
  • Currency

Why invest in Structured Investment?

tickAn alternative to traditional investments by offering exposure to different type of asset class, such as Equity, Interest Rate, Commodities and Currency.

tickFor 100% principal protection structure, it allows investors to earn potential coupon while preserving their capital if the investment is held to Maturity.

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Who is it for?

Structured Investment is suitable for those who :

  • Want a medium term investment with potentially higher returns than a normal deposit.
  • Want to gain exposure into the particular asset class.
  • Want to earn fixed or variable income payout based on the performance of the underlying reference asset.

Type of Structured Investment We Are Offering

  • Callable Range Accrual Structured Investment
  • Inverse Floater Structured Investments
  • Equity Linked Structured Investment
  • Equity Linked Convertibly Investment
  • Autocallable Digital Memory Equity Structured Investment


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