Share Margin Financing Account

Capture Your Share Of Opportunities.

Make the most of this investment leverage strategy that provides you with bigger capital to increase portfolio size and potential higher returns.

Share Margin Financing Account
Share Margin Financing (also known as margin trading or leverage trading) increase flexibility in your trading and investment strategies.

It gives you the ability to control a larger investment with a smaller amount of your own money without tying up all your available fund. It also offers liquidity as you can use the margin loans to meet immediate financing needs without liquidating your existing holdings.


Individual/ corporate can purchase shares via our share margin financing account.
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Cash withdrawal at your discretion. Fund can be transferred into your Alliance Bank savings or current account.
  • Arrangement of redemption from others with minimal cost
  • Competitive share capping value
  • Single counter financing allowed (T&C apply)
  • Interest payable for any credit balance

Key Features

  • For settlement purposes (eg. purchase contract and subscriptions of corporate actions), full value is given for cheques deposited when pending clearance.
  • For trading purchases, immediate value given up to maximum of RM200,000. Full value will be given when cheque is cleared
  • Transfer fee is refundable for Bursa Depository charges of RM10 for share transfers-in with market values RM3,000 and above per counter per transfer
  • Hassle free on corporate action entitlements when fully processed by our Bank Nominees with minor handling fees. FREE custody of shares with nominees.


  • Malaysia Resident
  • Individual must be at least 21 years old and no older than 70 years old

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