Pine Labs 0% Instalment Payment Plans

Your Dream Purchases Made Affordable

Enjoy 0% Instalment Payment Plans (IPP) on the spot with repayment tenures up to *36 months to suit your needs.

Pine Labs 0% Instalment Payment Plans
Have no regrets about owning your favourite things in life!


  • Convert your transactions to 0% interest instalment payment plans on the spot.
  • Make your dream purchases of RM500 and above happen! Choose your preferred instalment tenure (6, 12, 24 or *36 months) to suit your financial needs.
  • Enjoy Timeless Bonus Points or Cashback on your IPP purchase.
No. IPP Tenure Min. Spend (RM) Interest Rate
1 6 Months RM500 0%
2 12 Months RM1,000
3 24 Months RM2,000
4 *36 Months RM3,000

*36 months tenure is only enabled by selected merchants

How to Enjoy 0% IPP at Pine Labs Merchant

Step 1

Make a purchase using your Alliance Bank Credit Card at merchant store.

Step 2

Choose your preferred IPP tenure to suit your purchase.

Step 3

Enter your credit card PIN number to complete your transaction.

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