Balance Transfer Plans

Make The Most Of Your Balance.

Optimise repayment savings with profit rates from just 9.88% for up to 24-month plans!

Balance Transfer Plans
Make smart decisions on your credit management with a Balance Transfer Plan.


Save on interest charges and maximise your repayment savings with Alliance Bank Balance Transfer Instalment Plans. Choose from plans with interest rates as low as 9.88% for 12, 18 and 24 months.
Balance Transfer Table 6 months** 12 months 18 months 24 months
Low Profit Repayment Rate 0% p.a. 9.88% p.a. 9.88% p.a. 9.88% p.a.
Normal Finance Charges RM819 RM1,485 RM2,015 RM2,445
Alliance Balance Transfer Plan No interest RM988 RM1,482 RM1,976
Total Savings RM819 RM497 RM533 RM469

Interest saving are calculated based on 5% minimum monthly payment and a Balance Transfer amount of RM10,000.
**This Promotion is a only applicable to New-To-Card customers.

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