Basic Current Account

Current Accounts Made Easy.

Conveniently manage your account via allianceonline and make payment via cheque.

Basic Current Account
The Basic Current account comes with a cheque book for withdrawals and payments. Plus, you can easily manage your account anytime, anywhere with allianceonline.


  • Comes with a cheque book for withdrawals and payments
  • Get comprehensive monthly statements
  • Access banking services at all our branches
  • Cheque eXpress Service and Cash Deposit Machines make it simple to deposit checks and cash.
  • Manage your account online using allianceonline services for easy account management.


The hard copy monthly statement currently sent to existing customers and customers who have opened their account from 1 June 2021 onwards will be available until 30 November 2021.
Effective 1 December 2021, please view your monthly statement via allianceonline.

Replacement Debit Cards due to loss or damage will incur a fee.

Your deposits are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 per depositor.
View PIDM brochure in your preferred language here.


  • Malaysian aged 18 years and above (including permanent residents) can apply.


  • You need a minimum opening deposit of RM500 to open an account.
  • This account can be operated either individually or jointly.
  • If your account balance falls below RM1,000 during any half-year period, a service charge of RM10 will be imposed.
  • Fees and charges apply.

General Tariff

Contents Bank charges
1 Commission on Outstation Cheques Sent for Collection (Each Cheque)

Flat rate of 0.03%

Minimum : RM0-50
Maximum : RM500-00

No commission is to be charged on Government cheques or cheques drawn on Government Statutory Body.

2 Collection of Outstation Cheques Re-presented

Flat rate of 0.03 % per OC Re-presented

Minimum : RM0-50
Maximum : RM500-00


Commission on Inter-Branch Transactions (IBT)

  • Performed at Branches located outside the clearing area/zone

Flat rate of 0.03

Minimum : RM0-50
Maximum : RM500-00

IBT Commission should be waived for the following transactions:

  • IBT loan repayment
  • Non-staff depositing to a Staff A/C

Commission on Inter-Branch Transactions (IBT)

  • Performed at Branches located in the same clearing area/zone
IBT commission is waived on all IBT transacted amongst ABMB branches located within the same clearing area/zone except for the IBT outstation cheque deposit
5 Service Charge on Closing of Savings Account

Closing of account before 3 months: RM20-00

Closing of account after 3 months: No charges

6 Service Charge on Issuance of Duplicate Savings Account Passbook Reported Lost/ Stolen/ Worn Out or Defaced


The appropriate stamp duty on the letter of indemnity shall be borne by the customer

7 Service charge on inactive current and savings accounts with dormant status Yearly service charge of RM10
8 Replacement Of ATM Card RM12-00 per card replacement
9 MEPS Charges RM1-00 per transaction
10 Cirrus Enquiry RM1-00 per transaction
11 Cirrus Monetary Transaction RM8-00 per transaction
12 Bills payment payment to (Credit Card, HL) to other BIs RM1-00 per transaction
13 Charges for GIRO transactions RM2-00 per transaction
(1st two GIRO transaction, charge at RM0-50 per transaction)
14 Presently, the a/c number is autogenerated by the system. If customer wants to choose his desired available account number, a service charge will be levied. Service charge of RM50-00 for choosing desired available a/c number
15 Charges on transaction above minimum thresholds Currently not available, until further notice

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