Islamic Unit Trust

Diversified Shariah-Compliant Investments.

A wide range of unit trust retail funds to suit your unique needs.

Islamic Unit Trust
One can begin to invest as low as RM1000 in Unit Trust funds. It provides you with a lower barrier of entry to invest in markets that would otherwise be difficult to access traditionally. We offer you a wide selection of funds to suit your investment needs and your risk appetite at Alliance Islamic Bank.


A Unit Trust is a collective investment that pool funds to be invested in various assets according to the fund's stated objective.

Why invest in Unit Trust?

  • Easy Entry
    Retail funds allow investors to invest as low as RM1,000. These investments can potentially yield similar benefits as those associated with higher-priced investment. .
  • Managed By Professionals
    Investing in local, regional, and global markets with a professional management team is convenient and smart.
  • Diversified
    To manage portfolio risks, investing in a basket of funds with varying risk profiles is advisable. You should not "put all your eggs in one basket."
  • Liquid
    Investors can buy and sell open-ended funds on any business day. Closed-ended funds, on the other hand, have a limited subscription period.


Who is it for?

A good choice for those who :
  • Invest for the medium- to long-term.
  • Look for a medium-term investment that could provide higher returns than a regular deposit.
  • Diversify portfolios across different asset classes that perform independently in market cycles, reducing the risk of low or negative returns.

Type of Unit Trust We Are Offering

  • Equity funds
  • Fixed Income funds
  • Mixed Asset funds
  • Money market funds

FAQs about Alliance Bank Malaysia's Islamic Unit Trust

An Islamic unit trust is an investment vehicle that allows investors to take advantage of investing in a diversified group of Shariah-compliant stocks or sukuk.

Islamic unit trusts have an additional screening process to remove stocks of companies deemed to be inappropriate for Muslim investors and cleansing or purification of a company’s profits by removing any income derived from non-Shariah compliant sources.

Islamic unit trust is suitable for Muslim and non-Muslim investors.
All unit trust funds offered by Alliance Islamic Bank are Shariah-compliant. These funds will be audited annually by the fund manager’s Shariah team and overseen by the respective Shariah Board.
These are the types of Shariah-compliant unit trust funds that Alliance Islamic Bank is offering:
  • Equity funds
  • Fixed Income/ Sukuk funds
  • ESG funds
  • Feeder funds
We offer a range of Shariah-compliant unit trust funds for our customers to choose from, according to their investment objectives, financial situations, risk appetites and specific needs.

To discover the best trust fund for you, visit your nearest Alliance Bank branch in Malaysia today for an individual financial review, risk tolerance assessment to profile your investment preferences.
Visit your nearest Alliance Bank Malaysia branches for more information. Bring along your identification card (MyKad), our investment representatives will assist you.
All Islamic unit trust funds are subject to investment risks. Different types of Islamic unit trust funds carry different levels of risk.

The general risks of investing in Islamic unit trust funds include:
  • non-guaranteed returns
  • general market risk
  • security specific risk
  • liquidity risk
  • inflation risk
  • non-compliance risk
  • manager/management risk
For further detailed information on each type of risk, refer to the respective fund’s latest prospectus.
As each type of Islamic unit trust fund has its own risk profile, investing in more than one type of fund may aid in managing the overall risk of your portfolio. Talk to our investment representatives in your nearest Alliance Bank Malaysia branch for more information.
The minimum investment amount for Islamic unit trust varies. The initial subscription is typically at minimum of RM1,000 and subsequent top-up at minimum of RM100 The associated fees including:

Initial sales charge: An upfront cost that an investor incurs upon subscription / purchase. This type of cost is imposed primarily to cover the marketing and distribution of the Islamic unit trust funds.

Redemption fee: The fee is charged to an investor for any withdrawal of the units prior to a previously stipulated date (for example: an exit fee of 1.5% will be imposed if the investor makes a redemption within 6 months from the date of purchase).

Annual management fee: Management expenses include expenses for portfolio management, trustee and custody fees, audit fees, administrative charges such as printing of annual reports, distribution management, postage and other services incurred in the administration of the Islamic unit trust fund. These costs are paid out of the fund's assets.
You may contact your Alliance Islamic Bank’s investment manager for more information on tracking your investment’s performance.
Yes, you may switch to different unit trust funds within Alliance Islamic Bank. Minimum subscription and fees is applicable as per question 7.
Yes, visit your nearest Alliance Bank Malaysia branch today and our investment manager will assist you based on your investment requirement.
The distribution received by the unit holders are net of tax. The taxpayer only pays additional taxes if his/her tax rate is higher than the tax rate applied on the unit trust.
You may refer to our investment managers. Do note that historical performance does not represent future performance.
There is a list of Islamic unit trusts approved by EPF, contact our investment managers for more information.
Yes, you may withdraw your Islamic unit trust anytime during our branch operating hours.

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