Alliance Home Financing-i

Introducing No-Frills Islamic Home Financing.

Own your home the Shariah-compliant way with no setup fees.

Alliance Home Financing-i


  • A no-frills basic Islamic home financing which is a Shariah compliant product.
  • Based on the Shariah contract of Murabahah via Tawarruq (also known as Commodity Murabahah). Murabahah refers to the sale and purchase of an asset where the acquisition cost and the markup are disclosed to the purchaser. Tawarruq refers to purchasing an asset at a deferred price and then selling it to a third party to obtain cash. The Bank will use the cash obtained from the Tawarruq transaction to pay for the purchase of your desired property.


  • Long financing tenure based on your affordability.
  • May be used to refinance an existing home financing facility.
  • Transparency on your maximum payment obligation as the profit rate is capped at a ceiling profit rate.
Features Terms
Profit Rate Variable rate pegged to Standardised Base Rate
Tenure Up to 35 years / 70 years of age
Age Requirement 21 years old and above
Margin of Financing
  • Up to 90% + 5% Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful and/or Financed Entry Cost
  • Max 70% MOF for Cashline Facility-i
Financing Type
  • For financing the purchase of completed and under construction residential properties
  • For financing the purchase of subsale properties
  • For refinancing existing mortgage financing facilities
  • Credit line provided via Cashline Facility-i
Effective financing rate for a 30-year home financing of RM350,000



Financing amount

Amaun pembiayaan

Financing tenure

Tempoh pembiayaan

Effective financing rate

Kadar pembiayaan efektif

Effective date

Tarikh efektif

Home Financing

Pembiayaan Perumahan

RM350,000 30 years / tahun 4.36% p.a. 10 May 2023
This effective financing rate is subject to change from time to time.
Kadar pembiayaan efektif ini adalah tertakluk kepada perubahan dari semasa ke semasa.

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