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Trade transactions with no physical paperwork through BizSmart® Web and BizSmart® Mobile.

Alliance BizSmart® eTrade

Alliance BizSmart® eTrade

Grow and operate your business more efficiently with our commitment in providing innovative banking solutions.

Alliance BizSmart® eTrade lets you focus on what really matters. With our award-winning web and mobile app, you can submit trade transactions anywhere, anytime.

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Trade Financing Made Easier

With the BizSmart® web and mobile app, you can submit and approve trade financing transactions anytime. Simpler and faster approvals, fund disbursements within 24 hours, and on-the-go updates on trade financing balances.

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From transaction submission and approval to getting your trade account balance and transaction status in real time. All at your fingertips, on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

FAST Submission & Approval

Submission & Approval


We offer a wide range of trade financing and services for Ringgit Malaysia and foreign currencies. A single tap lets you submit and approve multiple transactions at once.

NO Paperwork Needed



Snap a photo and upload your supporting documents, and we'll process and approve your trade transaction within 24 hours. The submissions you make are digitally secured.


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Introduction to eTrade


What Our Customers Have to Say

Alliance BizSmart® eTrade is trusted by industry leaders across Malaysia.


From transaction initiation to final approval, we find the BizSmart® eTrade service simple to use. This efficiency has indeed helped us minimise time spent applying for trade services. Keep up the good work and we look forward to your future implementation of other services.


Dato’ Murad Ali bin Mydin Mohamed

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.


Alliance Bank’s BizSmart® eTrade services are fast and convenient, allowing instant application without transporting documents to the branch before cut-off time. With e-draft, it also enhances document handling security with better control of trade application approvals.

Furthermore, the platform is so simple and user friendly that we did not have difficulty converting to the eTrade service.


Anson Au Yong

Operations Manager
Tiong Tat Printing Industry Sdn. Bhd.


Previously, we have been submitting all our BA documents physically, which made every transaction time consuming and costly.

With the launch of Alliance Bank’s BizSmart® eTrade, it is now very convenient, especially when we want to make urgent payments to suppliers. It takes us less than 15 minutes to input and approve BA transactions via web and mobile.


Vincent Heng

YNH Jaya Marketing Sdn. Bhd.


We find that the system is easy to use, is good for record keeping, and improves the overall efficiency of our BA applications. In addition, the BizSmart® eTrade support staff are helpful and responsive.

Lim Chuan Sui

W T Steel Sdn. Bhd.


BizSmart® eTrade provides great convenience as it lets us submit our trade applications online instead of presenting hard copy documents, reducing our company dispatch workload too.

The eTrade platform is also user friendly, enabling us to master it in a short period with the guidance of Alliance Bank staff.

Wong Chee Cheong

WLS Global Supply Sdn. Bhd.


BizSmart® eTrade has offered us great convenience with features and services that save time and reduce workloads. We are amazed by how user friendly it is, leading us to master the platform within half an hour.

Now with the BizSmart® eTrade platform, we can submit all of our trade financing requests online. The security token also makes transferring funds to our business partners and suppliers safer.

Lee Kae Shu

Managing Director
Titanium Mix Concrete Sdn. Bhd.


It's Easy to Get Started with Alliance BizSmart® eTrade

Step 1: Login


Login to Alliance BizSmart® eTrade web or mobile app

Step 2: Key In

Key In

trade transaction details

Step 3: Upload


trade transaction supporting documents

Step 4: Receive Updates

Receive Updates

through email and mobile push notification


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10x Award-Winning Platform

An Award-winning Platform

With Alliance BizSmart® eTrade, you can rely on an award-winning platform recognised by domestic and international associations.

Recognised by: 
Asia Trailblazer Awards 2022
Digital CX Awards 2022
Retail Banking Awards 2021Wholesale Banking Awards 2021

Highly Acclaimed under Outstanding Digital CX-Trade Services

– Digital CX 2022 Awards

Best App for Customer Experience

– Retail Banker Asia Trailblazer 2022

Best Trade Finance Bank in Malaysia

– Global Banking & Finance Awards 2021

Most Innovative Trade Finance Banking Product in Malaysia

– Global Banking & Finance Awards 2021

Winner of the Malaysia Domestic Trade Finance Bank of the Year

– Asian Banking & Finance Awards 2021

Malaysia Domestic Initiative of the Year

– Asian Banking & Finance Awards 2021

Financial Inclusion initiative of the Year

– Asian Banking & Finance Awards 2021

Mobile Banking & Payment Initiative of the Year

– Asian Banking & Finance Awards 2021

Excellence in Customer Centricity

– Retail Banker Asia Trailblazer 2021

Highly Commended under Excellence in Mobile Banking

– Retail Banker Asia Trailblazer 2021


Think Trade Financing, Think Alliance BizSmart® eTrade

We offer a wide range of trade financing services, from banker’s acceptances (BA), trust receipts (TR), and promissory notes (PN) to foreign currency financing and on-the-go updates to facilitate your sales and purchases or imports and exports.

Alliance BizSmart® eTrade
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