General Working Capital

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General Working Capital
By entrusting us as a key contributor to your business capital, you can do more with the various funds we have available. No matter which stage your business is in, we will find a way to help you.
Alliance Bank provides a comprehensive range of loan facilities for businesses, no matter which stage your business is in. These products were developed based on our years of experience with the business community. Apart from providing financial facilities for our customers, we place great importance on building long-term business relationships with our customers.

Key Features

  • General credit line to meet your business needs at all stages
  • Convenient with variety of credit and trade facilities

Purpose of Financing

  • Property acquisition/refinancing
  • Capital expenditure
  • Working capital

Range of Facilities

  • Term Loan - a fixed amount of loan granted for an agreed period of time and to be repaid in fixed instalments. Term Loan is normally granted for the purchase of fixed assets. With fixed repayments, you will be able to plan and manage your cash flow effectively.
  • Overdraft - a revolving facility which enables customers to draw on the Overdraft limit via current account, or by issuing cheque as long as the Overdraft limit is not exceeded. This is a flexible and convenient financial tool that meets your working capital requirements.
  • Revolving Credit - this facility has a distinctive repayment period used to meet short-term working capital requirements. This facility is especially useful when businesses require an extra injection of funds. Interest and principal repayments are made at the end of each advance and the principal can be rolled-over with a new contracted rate.


  • Business registered in Malaysia
  • Business turnover of at least RM500,000
  • Business establishment of at least 3 years
  • For Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership and Private Limited Companies
General Disclaimer - Subject to Bank’s credit assessment.

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