Business Premises Financing

Commercial Property Financing. Made Easy, Accessible And Fast.

We provide for acquisition, refinancing and every other Commercial Property financing need.

Business Premises Financing
Expanding your business often requires a surplus amount of funds. Gain the flexibility to refinance or acquire property with us.
Alliance Bank offers a wide range of loan facilities that provide businesses the options to finance properties or even refinance existing properties. A suitable business property financing option will allow business owners more control of their business assets and company budget.

Key Features

  • Financing tenure up to 25 years
  • Margin of financing up to 95% margin
  • Flexible with financing option to include entry cost and insurance premium

Purpose of Financing

  • Property acquisition/refinancing
  • Working capital

Range of Facilities

  • Term Loan - a fixed amount of loan granted for an agreed period of time and to be repaid in fixed instalments. Term Loan is normally granted for property, entry cost and insurance premium financing. With fixed repayments, you will be able to plan and manage your cash flow effectively.
  • Overdraft - a revolving facility which enables customers to draw on the Overdraft limit via current account, or by issuing cheque as long as the Overdraft is not exceeded. This is a flexible and convenient financial tool that meets your working capital requirements.


  • Business registered in Malaysia
  • Business establishment of at least 3 years
  • For Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership and Private Limited Companies
Every business has different budgets, capital, plans and strategies. Alliance Bank Business Premises Financing ensures customers have the flexibility to acquire or refinance business properties according to business owners’ needs and requirements. We believe in helping customers grow their businesses along the way.

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