Alliance Bank is now on WhatsApp
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Getting in touch with us about your Payment Relief Assistance is now quick and easy. All you need to do is scan the QR code or click here if you are viewing from mobile for a quick response from us.
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We have only one official WhatsApp account and this is how you can verify it:

We Are Verified
We Are Verified
We Are Verified
  1. I have just received a WhatsApp message from “Alliance Bank Malaysia”. Is this a real account?
    Yes, we have just launched our WhatsApp channel as an alternative communication channel for our customers to get in touch with us.
  2. How do I know that I am receiving genuine WhatsApp notifications from Alliance Bank?
    There is a green tick icon next to account name “Alliance Bank Malaysia”. When you tap on the account name “Alliance Bank Malaysia”, you will see that it states “Official Business Account”. This confirms that the account is genuine and that it is the official WhatsApp account of Alliance Bank.
  3. What types of messages will I be receiving via WhatsApp platform?
    You will receive messages such as payment reminders on your loan or financing facilities with us. Alternatively, you may get in touch with us if you want to take up a payment relief assistance option.
  4. Is WhatsApp a safe and secured platform?
    Information exchanged on WhatsApp platform is secured with end-to-end encryption to ensure your data remains protected and safe. As an added security feature, messages are only sent to registered mobile numbers with the bank.
  5. Is there a ‘Live Chat’ function to allow real-time chat with Alliance Bank customer service?
    For now, WhatsApp does not support Live Chat function for businesses. If you need to speak to a customer service officer, please call Customer Service at 03-5516 9988.
  6. What do I have to do to receive banking updates via WhatsApp from the bank?
    To begin receiving WhatsApp messages from us, all you need to do is scan the QR code here using your mobile phone.
  7. Will I be charged any fee for using WhatsApp to get in touch with the bank?
    No fee will be charged to you for using this service to get in touch with us.