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With Alliance SavePlus Account, you can maximise your savings with high interest rate.
Open a new Alliance SavePlus Account and enjoy up to 3.5% as well as waiver on all transaction fees**
How it works?
Total Account Balance (RM) Interest Rate on Total Account Balance Transaction Fee Waiver**
0 – 20,000 0% Yes
20,001 – 100,000 1.8% p.a. Yes
Above 100,000 3.5% p.a. Yes

**Only when a minimum monthly average balance of RM10,000 is maintained in the account.

Special Promotion

3.5% p.a. interest rate for the first 4 months with any deposit amount for the first 1,000 new customers!
Terms & Conditions apply.

Campaign period: 1 November 2018 – 31 January 2019.

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How to open?


If you are an existing Alliance Bank Current or Savings account holder with online banking facilities, kindly log in to allianceonline to open an account instantly.


tickFill up the form here

our representative will contact you within two (2) working days to complete the application process.

1) Who is eligible to apply for Alliance SavePlus Account?

All Malaysians, permanent residents and non-residents of Malaysia who are 18 years old and above are eligible.

2) How safe is my money?

All deposits up to RM250,000 are covered by the Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) for extra security. Keep a minimum of RM20 in your account at all times to maintain your account.

3) What are the requirements to enjoy the high interest rate and/or transaction fees waiver?

Just as simple as maintaining your Alliance SavePlus Account balances. You do not need to perform anything additional to be entitled for high interest rewards to your savings.

4) Can you explain how the interest calculation works?

Alliance SavePlus Account interest is calculated on daily balances and credited into your account on a monthly basis.

For example:
If your balances are RM150,000 as at today, you will earn up to 0.0095% (3.5% / 365 days) on your day end balances of RM150,000.

Additionally, enjoy a waiver on the following transaction fees for that particular month by maintaining a minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of RM10,000 in your Alliance SavePlus Account.


*Terms & Conditions apply.
Member of PIDM. Eligible for protection by PIDM.