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Most of us know someone who have been robbed at the ATM machine or been a victim of fraud after their credit and/or debit cards were stolen. While the only way to prevent yourself from such trauma is to be extremely careful, you can now insure yourself against monetary losses caused by the events mentioned above.

We all know too well that accidents, theft and fraud have the nasty habit of happening without announcing themselves. Z-ALLIANCE SECURE can protect you and your family from the inconveniences caused by them especially when your ability to generate income is affected. But what if you already have life insurance? The thing is, Personal Accident insurance covers injury or death due to accidents, while life insurance covers those resulting from natural causes. So Z-ALLIANCE SECURE is an excellent complement to your existing personal accident and life insurance policy/s.



tickAccidental Death

tickAccidental Permanent Disablement

tickDeath Due To Dengue Fever

tickDouble Indemnity On Public Conveyance

tickDaily Hospital Income

tickATM Withdrawal Indemnity

tickDebit and Credit Card Indemnity

tickSavings Account Indemnity


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