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Eligibility Criteria

The Quick And Easy Way To Make Referrals

The Alliance Mortgage Partner-In-Sales programme is the first fast and simple online mortgage platform for business associates.

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How Alliance Mortgage Partner-In-Sales Works

It's simple! Every successful referral of Alliance Bank Mortgage Loan from RM200,000 and above earns you a minimum 0.1% incentive of the total loan amount.


Loan Amount 0.1% Incentive For Successful Referral
RM200,000 RM200

Successful referrals are defined as loans approved by the Bank and thereafter the customer accepts and executes loan documentations.

How To Become Our Mortgage Partner?

Eligibility Criteria

  • The individual must be 18 years old and above
  • The company must be established for 1 year and above
  • This programme is open to Alliance Bank's Business Associates
    (e.g. Real Estate Agents, Developers, Insurance Agents, Financial Consultants)

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Mortgage Partner-In-Sales (MPIS) Generic Terms & Conditions


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