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Do you have a residential or commercial property?

What is Alliance ONE Account ?

Alliance ONE Account is a mortgage refinancing service that is able to turn the
value of your property into extra cash to meet your personal or business needs.
Whether it is a home makeover or a new office workspace that you are looking for,
Alliance ONE Account gives you greater financial flexibility and convenience when you refinance your residential or commercial property with us.


To be eligible for Alliance ONE Account, all you need is a residential or commercial property. It's fast and simple.

Why Alliance ONE Account ?

If you are looking to unlock more opportunities in life, Alliance ONE Account is just what you need. This innovative service allows you to:

  • Get additional funds to meet your investment, business or renovation needs
  • Free up cash to be financially prepared for major life events
  • Enjoy flexible withdrawals and repayment options to save time and money

Alliance ONE Account Features

By signing up for Alliance ONE Account, you will enjoy great conveniences including:

  • High margin of financing up to 95% with legal fees and insurance financing
  • Financing tenure of up to 35 years
  • Financing options to fit your needs (available in term loan/financing and overdraft)
  • Interest/profit rate calculated on daily rest basis for greater savings
  • Optional credit insurance to safeguard your property
  • Hassle-free loan/financing consolidation service

Alliance ONE Account Islamic Financing