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Corporate Responsibility

Since 1950s, Alliance Bank has been serving the financial and community needs of Malaysians. Our vision, “Building Alliances to Improve Lives” means that we are committed to creating a sustainable and meaningful business ecosystem that applies to Malaysians at every life stage.

At Alliance Bank, we are committed to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner to benefit both our shareholders, and the community we serve. We continue our important work to develop the marketplace with our in-house expertise through thought leadership programmes and creating a conducive working environment for our employees. Equally important, we are also developing meaningful programmes to build and grow communities with positive impact to our environment.

We believe that awareness and education are the foundation on which the success of a nation and its people is built upon. To do this well, we collaborate with various strategic partners, and leverage on our skills and capabilities as a financial institution to provide more than just financing to all Malaysians.