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Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad is resuming its Alliance Bank AEIOU Financial Comic Strip and Financial e-Game Challenge (the ‘Challenge’) Season 6 on 11 January 2021. This is the first and only financial literacy comic drawing and e-game competition in Malaysia for school children aged 9 to 12 years old nationwide. The challenge aims to instil smart financial habits in children through a fun learning experience.

Ever since Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, it has been a trying time to many people, including our children with the unprecedented period of distant learning and adaptation to the new normal in school. The rise of the pandemic has caused economic repercussions across Malaysia as many are not adequately prepared for it. One of the most worrying factor is the financial well-being of the young workforce including those affected by pay cuts and job losses during crisis. At Alliance Bank, we understand the situation and feel the need to reduce the gap by educating the young generation on the importance of smart financial habits to prepare them in facing unexpected emergencies or crisis in their adulthood. Hence, the theme for this season’s Challenge is “Saving for a rainy day: Preparation during crisis”.

In line with the Bank’s focus on digitalisation and considering the global pandemic situation in the country, this season students will have the option to learn financial education lessons virtually. In support of this initiative, we have added some interesting contents for this season. Among some are the new special edition comic in addition to our existing comic series, three (3) new educational videos (“edu-videos”), live and pre-recorded virtual roadshows, and a refreshed concept of the financial e-game. This is key to transform our education contents to be viable and interesting to the eyes of the children, by way of fulfilling the long-term financial goals, so as to prepare them for any future emergencies, while complying to the nation’s Covid-19 pandemic standard operating procedure.

Submissions of the comic booklets and e-game challenge are open from 8 February to 2 July 2021. For more information about the Challenge, kindly email aeiou@alliancefg.com or visit https://www.alliancebank.com.my/aeiou.

Faber Castell