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You See Potential, So Do We!

Alliance Bank believes that our success lies with our people. The Bank is committed to developing a high performance culture by investing in trainee management programme and pro-actively developing our leaders within Alliance Bank.

Our Alliance Bank Management Trainee (ABMT) programme is a platform for graduates to build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience to kick-start their career in financial services industry. Experiential learning opportunities, exciting projects and dialogues with our Senior Management Team awaits you.

Unleash your potential with us and be part of this exciting journey!



The 12-month ABMT programme is designed to nurture young talents to become future leaders in the financial services industry.

Alliance Bank carefully considers a trainee’s interests, personality, aptitude and strengths when determining business units to which you will be assigned to at the end of the programme. This is to optimise your learning experience with the Bank.

Job Rotations

You will be rotated throughout the Bank to develop breadth of experience, as well as to evolve and expand your thinking and understanding of the different aspects of banking operations. Projects will be assigned to accelerate learning, enhance your skills and knowledge beside developing your critical thinking ability, leadership skills and adaptability to change

Being Assigned a Mentor

As an ABMT, you will be assigned a mentor to guide and support you throughout the programme.

Ongoing learning

There will be a comprehensive list of programmes with topics on negotiation skills, leadership, business etiquette, problem solving, decision-making and business ethics to accelerate your learning and shape you into a high potential leader.

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