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Alliance Junior Debit Card-i

Alliance Junior Debit Card-i comes with this easy cashless payment + ATM card that gives you security and convenience, worldwide access to your account and 29 million merchants all over the world.


tickParents/Guardian to choose personalised ATM and daily spending limit

tickBenefit from a secure and convenient alternative to cash

tickGain access to more than 12,000 MEPS ATMs in Malaysia

tickBe welcomed at 29 million merchants worldwide

tickAllows Card-Not-Present Transactions

Eligible for protection by PIDM.


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Who can apply

  • Individual with minimum age range: 13-17 years old.

A Debit Card/Debit Card-i is a convenient payment card that provides you with electronic access to your deposit account(s) that enables you to withdraw cash and pay for your goods or services efficiently.

  • Withdraw cash locally and overseas from more than 1 million ATMs that display the MEPS or Cirrus logo.
  • Accepted for payment at over 29 million MasterCard or MyDebit merchants located locally and overseas.
  • Your Debit Card/Debit Card-i supports two debit card brands - MyDebit is accepted in Malaysia and MasterCard which is accepted both overseas and in Malaysia. By supporting both debit card brands, more retail outlets will accept your Debit Card/Debit Card-i for payment in Malaysia and overseas. When using your Debit Card/Debit Card-i in Malaysia a retailer may choose* to accept and process the payment using either MyDebit or MasterCard. Please be aware that you are unable to request the retailer to change the chosen Debit Card network. *This is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Payment Card Reform Framework’s objective of promoting payment system efficiency by enabling merchants to reduce operational costs in using less costly debit card network to reduce pressure on retailers to increase prices to recover the higher cost of accepting payment cards.
  • Stay in control of your finances. We give you the option to decide on your spending limit at Point-of-Sale (POS) and withdrawal limit at ATM:
    Product Daily POS Limit (RM) Daily ATM Limit (RM)
    Default Max Default Max
    eSaving 1,000 Up to 5,000 3,000 Up to 10,000
    Hybrid Standard
    Hybrid AP Platinum
    Hybrid PB Platinum Up to 8,000

    1. Cardholders can change their settings for daily POS and ATM limit at any Alliance Bank ATMs.
    2. Purchase limit includes retail purchases made via MasterCard payment network, up to the daily limit set.
    3. ATM limit includes ATM withdrawal and retail purchases made via MyDebit payment network, up to the daily limit set.
  • A fast, easy, convenient and secure way to pay for everyday transactions with just a tap to the contactless reader when prompted.
  • Accepted globally wherever you see the universal contactless symbol displayed.
  • Debit Card/Debit Card-i never leaves your hand when making transactions, hence you are in control of the transaction.
  • No PIN is required for any transactions up to RM250 in Malaysia. You can still tap the card for transactions above RM250 but PIN will be required.

Set Your Contactless Limit

You can set your Daily Cumulative Limit and Transaction Limit for contactless transaction at any Alliance Bank ATMs or via Contact Centre.

Limit Type Default Limit Preferred Limit
Daily Cumulative Limit RM750 Up to RM750
Transaction Limit * RM250 Up to RM250
*The maximum amount that you can pay or tap in a single transaction.


The contactless feature can be disabled. To request, please visit any Alliance Bank Branches, ATMs or Call Contact Centre @ 03-5516 9988.

You can conveniently check your account balance and transaction details 24 hours a day 7 days a week via;
  • A six (6) digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) is required for all payment (except for auto-debit and online) which provides better protection against fraud due to lost or stolen cards.
  • You will not be liable for card-present unauthorised transactions which require PIN, signature verification or the use of the contactless Debit Card/Debit Card-i, unless you have acted fraudulently, delayed in notifying the Bank immediately in the event your Debit Card/Debit Card-i is lost, stolen or having discovered unauthorised use of your Debit Card/Debit Card-i, voluntarily disclosed the PIN to another person or any third party, recorded the PIN on your Debit Card/Debit Card-i or on anything kept in close proximity with the Debit Card/Debit Card-i, left the Debit Card/Debit Card-i or an item containing the Debit Card/Debit Card-i unattended in places visible and accessible to others or voluntarily allowed another person to use your Debit Card/Debit Card-i.
  • Call us at 03-5516 9988 to block your Debit Card/Debit Card-i immediately, if your card is stolen or lost, PIN is compromised or retained by an ATM.

What is the MyDebit brand/logo on the card?

The MyDebit brand/logo on the card denotes that your Debit Card/Debit Card-i supports the domestic payment network ie. MyDebit only applies within Malaysia. Whenever you see the MyDebit brand at retailers in Malaysia, you can make retail purchases using your 6-digit ATM PIN.

What is a MyDebit contactless transaction?

The MyDebit contactless allows customer to make payment by tapping the card on the contactless reader or holding the card close (2 to 3m) to the terminal without having to enter a PIN. The maximum transaction amount for a contactless transaction is RM250. Any transaction above RM250 would require PIN to be entered.

How do I activate my Debit Card's/Debit Card's-i contactless feature?

By the contactless symbol or indicator as shown below.

Could I unknowingly make a transaction if I walk past a contactless reader?

No. Debit Cards//Debit Cards-i must be within 4cm of a contactless reader enabled by the cashier for transactions to work. If the contactless reader is not processing a transaction, it will not read any Debit Card/Debit Card-i presented in front of it by mistake.

What happens if I accidentally tap my card twice on the contactless reader?

The contactless reader can only process one transaction at a time. Even if the Debit Card/Debit Card-i is accidentally tapped more than once, you will only get billed once for the transaction. There are also fraud preventions in place to mitigate fraud risk. You must notify the Bank immediately to block your Debit Card/Debit Card-i if your card is stolen or lost.

What happens if I have more than one Debit Card/Debit Card-i in my wallet and I tap my wallet on the contactless reader?

If the contactless reader detects more than one card, it won’t complete the transaction. You’ll need to do the transaction again. You should make sure you only hold one card on the reader and always take it out of your wallet.

What if a fraudster reads my card by placing a contactless reader close to my wallet?

Each contactless transaction includes a unique code that changes with each transaction. It is generated by the chip in the original Debit Card/Debit Card-i, and cannot be guessed from fraudulently intercepted card security details.

Could a fraudster steal my card and use it to empty my bank account?

If contactless transaction is above RM250, the transaction cannot be authorised without the cardholder’s PIN verification.

Can I disable the contactless feature?

Yes, the contactless feature can be disabled. You can request by visiting any Alliance Bank Branch or Call Contact Centre @ 03-5516 9988.

What happens when I use my Debit Card/Debit Card-i at an automated fuel dispenser?

The automated fuel dispenser (self-service pump) will authorise the fuel transaction before you can pump fuel into your vehicle by sending a pre-authorisation amount on the payment card to your card issuer.

What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount from the Debit Card's/Debit Card's-i available balance. It is used to verify that the card is active and has sufficient available funds.

What amount will be pre-authorised on my card when used at petrol stations?

The agreed pre-authorisation amount at petrol stations in Malaysia is set at RM200. The actual amount to be debited will be determined after fuel pumping is completed.

What if the amount of fuel pumped is less than the pre-authorised amount?

The pre-authorisation is not a charge and no amount will be debited from your card account, but your available balance is temporarily reduced by the pre-authorisation amount. After pumping fuel, the actual amount is sent to your issuing bank and debited from your card account. The pre-authorisation amount is then cleared within 3 business days after the transaction.

What if my available funds are less than RM200 or if I want to avoid a RM200 hold on my card?

Customers who want to avoid pre-authorisation are advised to go to the cashier where the exact transaction amount would be deducted from the cardholder’s account.

What type of SMS transaction alert (SMS alert) will I receive?

You will receive SMS alert when you perform the following types of transactions:
  1. Card-Not-Present which includes online and mail order and telephone order (MOTO)
  2. Overseas & Local Contactless
  3. Overseas POS (Point-of Sales) terminals
  4. Overseas Cash Withdrawal

When will I receive the SMS alert?

You will receive SMS alerts when your transaction amount exceeds the default threshold amount.

You have the flexibility to choose your SMS alert preferred threshold amount by contacting our Customer Service at 03-5516 9988 or visit of our any Alliance Bank Branches otherwise it will be based on the Bank's default setting.

Can I choose not to receive the SMS alert?

We strongly encourage you to receive the SMS transaction alert to safeguard yourself against any unauthorised transaction.

However, you can disable this service by providing a written consent or complete the Service Request Form (Form). The Form can be obtained from any Alliance Bank Branch or Customer Service.

Will I be charged for the cost of SMS alert?

No, the cost of sending the SMS alert is borne by the Bank. This is a value added service provided at no charge.

If I have more than one (1) Alliance Bank Debit Card/Debit Card-i, can I request for a different SMS slert threshold amount for each card?

No, there will be only one (1) default setting on the threshold of amount applied for all Debit Cards/Debit Cards-i you have with the Bank.

What are the details that will be shown in the SMS alert?

The SMS alert will include details such as transaction amount, merchant name, date and time of the transaction.

Can I choose to be notified for certain types of transactions only?

Yes, you have flexibility to choose as the following transactions;
  1. Card-Not-Present
  2. Overseas & Local Contactless
  3. Overseas POS
  4. Overseas Cash Withdrawal

You will receive SMS alerts on transactions made on your Debit Card/Debit Card-i. This helps you to track movements in your account and safeguard you against any unauthorised transactions. If you wish to set a preferred threshold amount for transaction alerts, visit any Alliance Bank branch or call our Customer Service at 03-5516 9988.

Note: The transaction alert can be disabled. However, we strongly encourage you not to disable the alerts to safeguard yourself against any unauthorised transactions.

To make this request, please visit any Alliance Bank Branch or call Customer Service at 03-5516 9988.

How to use your Debit Card/Debit Card-i for transactions:
Follow these steps to make convenient, cashless transactions.
debit-card-how-to-use-01 STEP 1
LOOK for retailers with the MasterCard/MyDebit/VISA logo.

Note: The retailers will choose to accept and process payment via their chosen Debit Card network.
debit-card-how-to-use-02 STEP 2
CHOOSE your payment method:
  • Contactless for transactions up to RM250; or
  • Enter your 6-digit PIN for transactions of any amount.
debit-card-how-to-use-03 STEP 3 (Contactless)
  1. Look for the universal contactless symbol when paying.
  2. Ensure the correct transaction amount is displayed on the contactless reader.
  3. Tap your Debit Card/Debit Card-i against the contactless reader
  4. A receipt will be issued upon successful transaction when the transaction is approved.
    (No signature/PIN required)
debit-card-how-to-use-04 STEP 3 (PIN)
  1. Present your Debit Card/Debit Card-i for payment.
  2. The POS terminal will display the transaction amount. Ensure the correct transaction amount is displayed.
  3. Enter your 6-digit PIN when prompted by the POS terminal. Once your PIN is confirmed, a receipt will be issued upon successful transaction. (The same PIN as your ATM PIN)
Note: From 1 July 2017, signatures will no longer be accepted when you use your Debit Card/Debit Card-i for local transactions. For details on PIN & PAY, refer to or get your copy of the PIN & PAY brochure from any of our branches.
Card-Not-Present (CNP) refers to a purchase when you make without physically presenting your Debit Card/Debit Card-i at the time of purchase @ POS terminal. All new cards issued are by default blocked from making CNP transactions.

To enjoy full payment convenience on your Debit Card/Debit Card-i, you can enable (opt-in) for the following CNP transactions and overseas transaction.
  • Online transactions
  • Auto Debit / Recurring transactions
  • MOTO
Kindly take note that there is a risk for fraudulent transactions if your account data is compromised.

How to opt-in
  1. Via Branch - Submit opt-in request using Service Request Form (SRF) via CRM (TAT 3 days) or
  2. Via Contact Centre - Call 03-5516 9988 (TAT immediately)
Note: You can disable (opt-out) via the same channels.
Your Debit Card/Debit Card-i can be used CIRRUS symbol on it can be used to withdraw cash at any overseas ATM that displays the CIRRUS logo

How to opt-in
  1. Via any Alliance Bank ATM or
  2. Via Contact Centre - Call 03-5516 9988
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