Biz-Xpress Card

You can now use the Biz-Xpress Card facility to withdraw money from any ATM under the MEPS network.
Apart from the convenience of withdrawing over the ATM, the card also allows you to deposit cash via Cash Deposit Machines and deposit cheques via the Cheque Express Machines at the eLobby of Alliance Bank. In addition to being able to perform business transactions before and/or after banking hours, it offers the convenience of not having to remember or key in your bank account number when performing the transactions.

There are three business packages for you to opt for your business needs

tickFull Access Low Limit.

tickFull Access High Limit (with higher cash withdrawal limit).

tickDeposit only.

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Key Usage

tickCash withdrawal.

tickCash deposit.

tickCheque deposit.

Key Features

tickTotal transacting convenience.

tickTransact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

tickSave more on cost and enjoy better control.

tickChoose between 3 business packages to suit your business needs.

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