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Alliance Bank offers a full range of cash management solutions to businesses who wish to have better cash control. The system takes full control of your accounts, manages payments to your employees or suppliers, and also handles collection of payments due to you. In addition, our all-new business online banking is now equipped with advanced features and flexibility for you to make your daily or monthly transactions without the need to visit our branches.

Auto Funds Transfer Service (AFT)

Auto Funds Transfer Service (AFT)

Eliminate the hassle of travelling to ATM branches to make a transaction. The AFT allows full flexibility to the account holder to manage cash coming in and going out.

Auto Debit

Auto Debit

Simplify the transaction process with your customers with Auto Debit. After registering once, transactions can easily be made to you.

Payee Corporation

Payee Corporation

Make your business more appealing to your customers through Payee Corporation and gain additional modes of payment alongside other benefits.

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Alliance One Account

Unlock The Maximum Value Of Your Property
Alliance ONE Account lets you take advantage of your property’s positive value to unlock more opportunities in life.

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Alliance Junior Smart Saver-i

Share Your Best Family Moments And Win Great Prizes!
Open an account today, submit a video or picture telling us your best family moments & stand a chance to win great prizes!
Campaign period: 30 July to 31 August 2018

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