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Insurable Deposit Products Listing


  Product Name Product Code Type of Product Currency
1  Alliance Buddy
 (Formerly known as AllianceSave Manjaku)
0212CR0200000003 Savings Deposit Ringgit
2  Alliance Senior Savers 0212CR0200000005 Savings Deposit Ringgit
3  Savings Account 0212CR0200000004 Savings Deposit Ringgit
4  Basic Savings Account 0212CR0200000002 Savings Deposit Ringgit
5  Alliance My eSavings Account 0212CR0200000006 Savings Deposit Ringgit
6  Current Account 0212CR0100000003 Demand Deposit Ringgit
7  Basic Current Account 0212CR0100000002 Demand Deposit Ringgit
8  Alliance Hybrid Account 0212CR0100000001 Demand Deposit Ringgit
9  Fixed Deposit 0212CR0300000002 Fixed Deposit Ringgit
10  Alliance FDGold Account 0212CR0300000001 Fixed Deposit Ringgit
11  Foreign Currency Current Account 0212CF0100000001 Demand Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / CAD / CHF / CNY / EUR / GBP / HKD / JPY / NZD / SGD / THB / USD)
12  Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit 0212CF0300000001 Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / CAD / CNY / EUR / GBP / NZD / SGD / USD)
13  Alliance XChange Account 0212CF0100000002 Demand Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / EUR / GBP / HKD / JPY / NZD / SGD / USD)
14  Alliance XChange Fixed Deposit 0212CF0300000002 Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency (AUD / EUR / GBP / NZD / SGD / USD)
15  Business Reward Service (BRS) 0212CR0100000004 Demand Deposit Ringgit
16  Money Market Deposit 0212CR0700000001 Short Term Deposit Ringgit & Foreign Currency
17  Interest Rate Linked Structured Investment 0212CR1200000001 Investments Linked to Derivatives Ringgit

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