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Auto Funds Transfer (AFT) Services

AFT provides you with the flexibility of transferring funds within group accounts and to set your sweeping preferences. Our solution is not only cost-effective, but also saves you time as it eliminates manual tracking of funds, resulting in better accuracy and better usage of resources.

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Key Usage

tickAuto-sweep is a two-way transfer where funds can be transferred automatically from the main account to a sub account and vice versa.

tickCash pooling and cash distribution are one-way transfers where funds are transferred from the sub account to the main account and vice versa.

Key Features

tickSweeping of funds are fully system initiated

tickSweep will be executed at the end of day, based on the closing balance of the main and sub accounts

tickMain account and the sub account can be maintained at different Alliance Bank branches

tickSweeping of funds is also allowed between related companies e.g. between holding company and its subsidiary


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