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Alliance Mobile QR Pay
Alliance Mobile QR Pay
Alliance Mobile QR Pay


DuitNow QR is an easy and secured instant fund transfer service that allows you to make payments and receive funds with just a QR Code. DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR Standard established by PayNet under the Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework (ICTF).

You can scan a DuitNow QR code to pay to a merchant or pay to a person when DuitNow QR is shown for scanning. You can also receive money by selecting “ Tap to show my DuitNow QR” and presenting your DuitNow QR code for others to scan.

i. To set up and use DuitNow QR:
ii. Launch allianceonline mobile on your mobile device.
iii. Tap on “DuitNow QR” on your login page.
iv. Go through the first time setup for QR Pay, set your transaction limit and you are ready to go.

For merchants, look out for a DuitNow QR code standee at participating merchant outlets. You can also pay to any person who can generate a DuitNow QR code on any participating mobile banking app.

i. Launch allianceonline mobile on your mobile device.
ii. Tap on “DuitNow QR” to scan a DuitNow QR code. Depending on the merchant or person, you may be asked to enter the amount or confirm the amount displayed. You can also scan a QR code from your gallery by selecting “Scan from Gallery”
iii. Review the transaction details before you confirm.
If you are at the merchant’s premise, kindly request assistance from the merchant directly. Else, please reach out to our contact centre at 03-5516 9988 for further assistance.
You can view the details on e-transaction history from allianceonline mobile or your account Transaction History via allianceonline web.
Please ensure that the QR code that you are scanning is a “DuitNow QR”. The Bank is only able to scan generated DuitNow QR codes.
There is no limit on the number of DuitNow QR transactions, provided the transaction amount is within your daily transaction limit.
  • Log in to allianceonline mobile on your mobile device.
  • Go to “Settings” > “DuitNow QR Payment Limit” to change your daily transaction limit.
  • You may link your DuitNow QR to any of your active Current or Savings Account/-i.
    Yes, you can change the account you’d like to use by selecting “Change ˅” at the review screen when paying or at the “Show my DuitNow QR” screen when receiving money.
    Please refer to the DuitNow QR via allianceonline Mobile Terms and Conditions here.

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