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Dual Currency Investment

The Dual Currency Investment (DCI) is a non-principal protected short term currency linked structured investment that provides investors opportunity to earn potentially higher returns than a normal deposit. Investors will receive the principal amount and returns in either the base or alternate currency during maturity at a pre-agreed conversion rate.

Why invest in a DCI ?

tick Potential yield above regular term deposits.

tick Short-term tenures as short as 1 week.

tick Attain the alternative currency with an enhanced yield.

tick Entry into foreign currencies as part of portfolio diversification.

Who is it for?

Dual Currency Investment is an ideal investment for an investor who:

  • Has a natural inclination towards a particular foreign currency.
  • Wants a short term investment with potentially higher returns than a normal deposit.
  • Has a potential need on the Alternate Currency such as payment of property loan or education abroad.
  • Wants to take advantage of the foreign exchange movement to enhance his/her investment return.

How does the DCI work?

1) Investor has choice of terms for the DCI pairing from the available Base and Alternate currency.

2) Once a decision is made, the investment will be active for the length of the tenor between 1 week to 3 months.

3) Upon maturity, the initial capital you placed in one currency may be converted to another currency at a set exchange rate, depending on the volatility of the exchange rate between the pair of currencies.

Interest payments to the investor will be credited regardless of whether the principal has been converted or not.


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