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Auto Debit

Auto Debit service (eCollection) is a simple and cost effective electronic collection of payment due to you from your customers who maintain accounts with Alliance Bank for credit into our business account.

Based on a one-time registration process, details of all the customers from whom you wish to collect payment along with information of their account details, amount to be collected, and date of execution can be sent electronically to Alliance Bank for processing.
Once the Auto Debit request is processed, proceeds of all successful transaction will be credited directly into your account and report on all unsuccessful transactions will be provided for ease of reconciliation.

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Key Usage

tickCollection of payment due to you from your customers who have an account with Alliance Bank.

Key Features

tickSaves time and money.

tickEfficient collection process.

tickOptimises cash flow management and financial control.

tickOn time collection as you can decide when to submit the payment instruction file.

tickEnsure security and accuracy as the file is uploaded and submitted directly via Internet Banking Channel form customer’s office.


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