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Top 5 Tools to Help You with Your Prototype Model

Are you ready to take your business idea from concept to reality? Think you can make the jump from ‘wantrepeneur’ to full-fledged entrepreneur? If so, chances are good that you just might need to invest a little time in creating a working prototype of your business idea. There are a number of tools at your disposal that can help you to create a working prototype model of your business concept. Rather than plunge headfirst into full production before you have worked out all the kinks in your concept, a prototype can be an excellent tool for iteration. Following is a selection of prototype tools you might want to add to your list of entrepreneurial resources.




Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Divshot is a prototyping tool for developers building HTML5 web applications. Developers do not need to create their own wireframe structure nor write their own CSS code with Divshot. As simple as dragging and dropping elements into a text editor, Divshot allows developers to create a working prototype of their web app in record time.





If your business idea is ready for the prototyping stage, an excellent option to consider is to create a 3D model of your product. Thanks to the increasing availability of 3D printers, this option is now an affordable consideration for entrepreneurs. ProtoExchange connects those in need of 3D creations with printers capable of handling the task. Think of ProtoExchange like networking and management software for the entire 3D process. ProtoExchange users can create all printable components of their creation via the network. Users are able to see which printers in the network will be the most adept for each specific component of the creation process, and then connect multiple printers to facilitate the full prototype creation. Prototype users range from small business entrepreneurs to large corporations hoping to improve their manufacturing processes.





If you want to ask for feedback on your business idea before you create a prototype, Popapp is a great option to consider. Using Popapp, you can create drawings of your idea and link them together online. Simply take pictures of your drawings via the Popapp application, add hot spot links to guide users through your concept, and complete your creation with the appropriate instructions. Once all of your ideas are connected together via Popapp, you can then share your creation with your mentors and advisors. You are able to solicit early stage feedback from your trusted advisors and tweak your concept accordingly. Popapp is available for both iOS and Android devices.



Based out of San Francisco, CA, lets users create working prototypes of applications for a variety of devices. Whether you are working on a mobile app for an iOS device, smart technology for a television, or a built-in software application for a smart refrigerator, you can create a working prototype of your creation via Software for anything from clocks to cameras to cars can be tested and tweaked thanks to





Based out of Portland, OR, StandIn is a prototype web extension for developers. If you are the type of entrepreneur that would rather leave the prototype creation process to a designer, StandIn is a terrific option to consider. Developers can utilize StandIn to create a working simulation of your product without having to create all of the necessary code up front.



These are just five of numerous prototype creation tools you can consider using as you jump into the startup world. Taking your business idea from concept to reality can be a frightening and exhilarating process. Prototype tools make that process easier to navigate. Which of these tools do you think you will be using in your entrepreneurship journey?