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Giving Your Business a Voice on the Internet

Your business is losing customers if you aren't advertising on the Internet. If you don't have a website, you lose potential customers looking for product or services in search engines. You don't need an elaborate website setup, but you must have some kind of online presence to compete. In addition to a functional website, you need advertising to market the website. The competition is fierce online, but here are some ideas to advertise your business.


Buy Banner Ads on Similar Sites


Bloggers and content site owners monetize their sites using ads. Some bloggers sell ad space either in the sidebar or at the top of the site. If you can afford it, purchase a banner ad that sits prominently on the website. Usually, the best spots are at the top of the website or within the content in the first few paragraphs.


The cost depends on the website traffic. Some bloggers charge a flat fee for the month while others charge for each impression or click-through. You will probably need to test which type of advertising cost is best for your business.


Ask for Testimonials


The search engines display testimonials and feedback in search result pages. Testimonials and ratings help improve your visibility, and it gives customers a sense of trust in your business and products. You can place these testimonials on your site, and ask customers to pass along the business name to friends for word-of-mouth referrals.


Ask for Reviews from Bloggers


If you sell a product or service, bloggers love free products in exchange for a review. Reach out to bloggers that have a high-traffic blog. High-traffic means more exposure for your products. Ask for an honest opinion, so you can get some true feedback on the service. The feedback can help you improve your business services in the future.


Sign Up for Affiliate Programs


Affiliate marketing is a great way to improve visibility on the Internet, and it's a type of marketing that has low initial advertising costs. You must pay the affiliate a percentage of the sale, but this means you already have the revenue in your pocket before paying for the advertising. Affiliates market the product using their own websites and tools, so it's a cheaper cost than cost-per-click ads, which can cost you thousands of dollars each month.


Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Advertising


No ad campaign is complete without some type of CPC advertising. This type of advertising is the most expensive, because you pay for each click you receive on the ad. If you don't create effective, targeted ads, you receive garbage traffic and it drains your advertising dollars. However, CPC ads are some of the best, because you can have visibility instantly on search engines and social media. Facebook, Google, and Bing offer CPC ads that boost targeted website traffic.


Online advertising is competitive, so it's important to take some money from the regular business budget to advertise on the best mediums. Most good advertising outlets cost a lot of money, but the money is a small percentage of the amount of revenue you can gain from driving traffic to your website.