Elite Income Builder

Life holds many opportunities for us and should never just be about slugging it in the office. With Elite Income Builder, a regular premium insurance plan that combines two components – a Non-Participating Insurance Plan and an Investment-Linked Insurance Plan, you get a dream solution that is sustainable and has the potential of increasing over time.


tickGuaranteed Yearly Income (GYI) of 3.8% from the 1st policy year to age 60 (next birthday) and Step-Up GYI of 6.8% from age 61 to 80 (next birthday) of the Non-Participating Insurance Plan basic Face Amount

tickPotential returns through participation in professionally managed funds

tickRegular stream of income from age 61 (next birthday) until age 80 years old (next birthday)

tickA one-off bonus payout of up to 81.60% of the basic face amount of the Non-Participating Insurance Plan at the end of the policy year prior to 60 years old (next birthday)

tickGuaranteed lump sum amount of 10 times the annual Step-Up GYI, upon maturity of the plan.

tickFlexibility to save more or withdraw your savings in times of need

tickProtection for Death and Total and Permanent Disability

tickEnhance insurance protection through LifeStage CI rider , LifeStage Med rider, CI waiver riders and Payor waiver riders

Returns are not guaranteed and are subject to the performance of the funds. Past performance of the funds is not indicative of future performance.

To complete your coverage, you may attach the following optional riders to your plan:

tickCritical Illness Waiver

Waive the premium of the basic plan upon insured's diagnosis of a covered critical illness.

tickLifeStage Critical Illness

Pays 200% of the rider face amount upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness before age 60 (next birthday) and 100% of the face amount subsequently.

tickLifeStage Med

Reimburses hospital and surgical expenses during hospitalisation. A deductible amount of RM10,000 will be imposed if a claim is incurred before age 60 (next birthday) but not after. This fixed deductible amount will be borne by the insured out of the total medical fees except for the cost of outpatient benefit.

tickPayor Waiver of Premium

Ensure that the policy will stay in force in the event of the policy owner's death, suffering from TPD or diagnosis of a covered critical illness.


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