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Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Survey Report for 2017

Executive Summary
  • A Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Survey was conducted in 2017 to assess consumers’ experiences with services provided by banks in Malaysia.
  • The Malaysian banking sector scored an overall CSI of 74.3, an improvement of 4.3 points (or 6.1%) against the CSI score recorded for 2013 (70.0). While the result is satisfactory, the current level of customer satisfaction is still below 80.0, which is the global benchmark standard of excellence in services.
  • Generally, survey respondents viewed that the banking sector’s staff are courteous, knowledgeable and are able to complete banking transactions in a timely manner. However, transparency of product information and the ease of acquiring new/additional products and services provided via call centres and mobile banking were areas cited for further improvements by the banking sector.
  • The banking sector will strive to take actions and implement initiatives to address the identified gaps and to deliver high quality services to consumers.

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