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Scam Alert - Phone Scams

Dear Valued Customers,

There have been news of scammers posing as our Bank officers and calling from the Bank’s phone lines purporting to check or verify customer's details about a loan they have with the Bank.

Please note that these callers are not from the Bank. If you were to receive such calls, please HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and call us at 03-5516 9988 to report the incident.

We would like to remind you that we would never call to ask you to give us your personal details over the phone lines.

Please remain on the high alert against scammers who would go to great lengths to have your personal details. If you experience such incident and would like to report it to the authorities, here are their numbers:

Polis Di-Raja Malaysia: 03-2266 2222


NEVER respond to any PHONE CALLS claiming to be from the police, Bank Negara Malaysia or any other authorities which require you to perform banking transactions or to reveal your bank account details.

It’s a SCAM!

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