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Terms and Conditions
I/We hereby declare that:
  1. The information given is true and correct and I/we have not withheld any particulars which might prejudice my application;
  2. I/We am/are not bankrupt nor wound-up at present;
  3. I/We hereby give permission to the Bank to conduct CTOS checks on the company/business and personnel involved. If any adverse is revealed, the Bank has the right to exclude the company/business or the relevant personnel involved from this scheme.

    I/We hereby consent to and authorise Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (88103-W) (hereinafter called “the Bank”) to verify with and/or disclose to any party the Bank deems fit including but not limited to the Central Credit Unit of Bank Negara Malaysia, the Central Credit Reference Information System of Bank Negara Malaysia and/or any authority or body established by Bank Negara Malaysia, any other financial institution granting or intending to grant any credit facilities to me/us, any agency established by the Association of Banks Malaysia and/or any other party whatsoever, any information concerning or relating to me/us whether financial or otherwise, my/our account and/or the conduct thereof for any purpose which the Bank deems fit without notice of the same to me/us.

    I/We hereby declare and agree that any data/information (including personal data) relating to or arising from or in connection with my/our application hereunder and also information pertaining to my/our affairs whether hereunder or otherwise on this application may be held, used and disclosed by the Bank for the purpose of processing this application and providing subsequent services for this and other products and services and/or direct marketing to communicate with me/us for such purpose.

  4. The Bank reserves the right to reject this application without stating any reason(s). If my/our application is approved and the information above is found to be untrue, the Bank has the right to terminate the agreement

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