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As our Alliance Mortgage Partner, you get rewarded with extra earnings for every customer you successfully refer to us. Your customers get additional cash as they refinance their current property.

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This is how your customer can refinance and get additional cash with Alliance ONE Account (AOA):
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Here's how you can benefit:

  1. Cash out amount can be used for the downpayment on your next property, OR
  2. Have it in the form of Overdraft/Cashline as standby credit limit to meet your investment, business or renovation needs.
    • Interest/Profit is only charged when you utilise the Overdraft/Cashline facility.

Disclaimer: Whilst Alliance Bank has taken due care in providing the simulation for your understanding, the information here is intended to be as a guide only.

*Terms & Conditions apply. The loan/financing approval is subject to individual customer’s credit standing.
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Alliance One Account

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